All You Need to Know About Fiber Optic Dress

fiber optic dress

If you’re trying to look for a dress that is soon going to trend and take the fashion industry by storm, you got to check out fiber optic clothing. These dresses are going to make you set trends so don’t wait for a celebrity’s validation. A fiber optic dress is basically an outfit that is literally going to make you shine bright like a diamond. Why? Because it illuminates with real lights and looks like a fairytale dream come true.

What is a fiber optic dress?

Fiber optic is a cult-edge fashion statement to add lights to clothes and make them wearable tech clothes! These are relatively easy to make and you can DIY them if you know the process.

The optics are thin strands made of plastic or glass material that alllow light. It was created in the 50s and were then used for telecommunication signals. The ones you will wear in your clothes now are designed differently to add light effects.

To understand what a fiber optic dress is, you need to know technical terms that define what it is. Check out some of the aspects you need to know about, before making or ordering a dress like this:

1. Fiber ends that emit light

The fibers with emitting ends are known as the ‘end glow’ that let light pass right to the tip of the cable with little brightness displaying along a strand. You need these to create an effect of tiny and bright spots of the light.

You can modify the ending fibers by creating sparkle and a starry effect with the points running along the strands. It allows light to pass through. You can cut small notches with Xacto knife to do this. The more the light emits, the dimmer the ends of the strands will look.

Most fiber optic dresses have the end-glow strands stitched to the garment and designed at various lengths. It adds notches with the length of strands for creating the perfect sparkle. The source of light is usually hidden under a caped shoulder if the dress isn’t an off-shoulder one.

2. Fiber sides for light

The side glow or the side-emitting fiber is designed to let the light escape across an entire strand. This creates a consistent stretch of light that makes the entire clothing have enough brightness.

You need to use this to add a strand effect or group several strands close to each other and uniformly. This will maintain the overall glow. It is the best option for the side glow cables. You will need around 10 m to 100 m lengths depending on the length of your fiber optic dress.

3. Bundles of fiber optics

People sell fiber optics as  ‘multi-strand glow cables’ and you can find these online. You will find these cables clubbed together and that makes it easy to add a source of light. You can use them in a bundle or make a fuller tube of light. Also, you can separate them in individual strands.

If you are looking for a readymade fiber optic dress, buy the ‘whip kit’ that includes controller and light source. This is much more cost than the DIY method, but it is much easier than to make.

4. Fabric of fiber optics

Fiber optic shirt, pants, and dresses will be made of a definite material than regular clothes. These are now available on e-commerce sites like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, and more. In these materials, the strands are already stitched together in the sheet of the fabric. You can cut the fabric in any size you want. But it should not have sharp bends that break or weaken the fibers.

How to use fiber optics in clothes?

When you design clothes made of fiber optics, you need to consider the source of light. You eed to check how to add the batteries. LEDs are a common usage as a source of light for such clothing. These are low in power and you can set it up easily with the microcontroller. The tiny floral lights or flash lights are the quick and readymade solution for clothes.

When you attach a source of light to your clothes, you need to keep it close toward the end of the fiber. You can make use of glue gun or superglue and take caution to not club the ends of fiber with too much glue.

The heat shrink must be used for securing the connect and stop the light from vanishing. The strands of fiber optic are either stitched to the upper layer of the garment or are woven with the fabric. When you master the basics of fiber optics, there isn’t a limit to how creatively you can make it look.

What to add in a fiber optic dress?

You need to use floral lights as they are simple to add and comes with a built-in switch to switch it on or off. If you are working on large pieces of garments, they might not be as bright as you want it to be. You can also use ultra-bright LEDs so that it makes your look stand out. These have a flat top and make it easier to install and wear.

How does fiber optic dress look like?

Have you seen fairies twinkle in the dark and their bodies have shine all over? Fiber optic dresses will make you look like that. You can only make these dresses stand out when the rooms have dim light.

The magic of fiber optic comes out only when the ambiance is dark. That’s why these can give you a grand entry on your birthday, wedding day, or on any special occasion. Fabric optic dresses will stand out like its making you look like a Goddess of light and your radiance will make all the difference to the people. At you will find shops with the best Fiber optic clothing Deals.

Final thoughts

From making a fiber optic wedding dress by a designer to buying a creating a fiber optic prom dress, there are endless possibilities. You just need to try your hands on this kind of clothing and set trends among your folks.


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