How to Succeed as A Dentist

Houston Cosmetic Dentist

I have practiced general dentistry for over 17 years now. After graduating from the University of Texas Dental Branch in 2002, I thought all my troubles were finally over. Little did I know that the landscape of dentistry was changing, and that competition in the major cities was growing fiercer by the day. I realized that to succeed and to be successful in my profession, I would have to offer services that other competitors did not.

Placing Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the hot ticket these days for people. A lot of people are wanting to get their teeth replaced without the inconvenience of having a removable appliance (dentures) or grinding away at your own natural tooth structure (dental bridges). A dental implant is a titanium-based fixture that is inserted into your jawbone where it integrates after a few months. It is then restored with a dental crown allowing a person to regain function of their lost tooth or teeth. Dental Implants is a lucrative endeavor if it is marketed properly and placed efficiently. Aspiring dental students and dentists will want to take as many continuing education courses as they can to confidently start to place dental implants.

Offering Early Morning and Late Afternoon Appointments

This is getting away from one of the perks of being a general dentist. We were all told that being a dentist allowed you to set your own hours, and to relax while making a great living. While this still may be true, it is becoming something of a rarity in this day and age. At my private practice we not only offer all our patient’s late afternoon appointments, but we are also open on Saturdays pushing past the 40 hour a week threshold.

Learning Cosmetic Dentistry

As a leading Houston cosmetic dentist, I had to quickly learn that being one is no easy feat. Not only is the technical aspect of it difficult, the patient satisfaction part can be quite a challenge as well. The mouth is a complex array of moving parts. The way we function, our bite or occlusion, dictate how our teeth are shaped and how they function. Performing quality cosmetic dentistry takes time, patience, and a solid understanding of what your patients’ goals and desires are. Unfortunately, cosmetics is passed over during our time in school so post-school training is a necessity if one truly desires to become a top cosmetic dentist.

Learning Digital Marketing

Digital marketers will be everywhere once you start your own dental practice. All of them will come to your practice offering you the world. Get ranked on Page 1 Google they all claim. We will give you 50 leads a month guaranteed. This is the mantra of today’s digital marketers. But if one steps back, how can any of these companies have your best interest in mind when they are able to help your competitors in the exact same city? I was fooled by several digital marketing companies who did very little to help my brand. So, after a while, I decided that I needed to learn digital marketing for myself and help my own brand grow. Leaning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is crucial for your practice’s growth.

Learning Sedation Dentistry

Patients hate coming to the dentist. Leaning Intravenous Sedation can be a huge benefit to your practice as many people want to be sedated during their procedures. Being able to offer this to them will save you a lot of headaches with anxious patients that come through your door.

When you can offer your patients a service that other dentists can’t, you can be to be ahead of the game. Your practice will thrive, and you will begin to build a reputable brand in and around your city that you can be proud of. Always remain humble, and slowly accumulate knowledge to get ahead of the competition.


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