The top five typical food in Tuscany

typical food

If you have decided to visit Tuscany, besides thinking about a place to stay, you should also consider what to eat. This is even truer if you come from a foreign country.

Eating typical dishes is one of the many ways to immerse yourself in the culture of a land. Precisely for this reason, we have chosen for you some typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition that you cannot fail to taste and that will be the reason to return. But before thinking about eating maybe you should look for a place to sleep.

Tuscany has many old houses, finely restored, which can be rented to have a dream vacation that you will hardly forget. On Tuscany now and more you will find a great choice of accommodation. But now, without further ado, let’s see what to eat in Tuscany.

.The pappa al Pomodoro (bread tomato soup)

Pappa al Pomodoro is a typical Tuscan dish that comes from the poor kitchen. Is the quintessence of Tuscan comfort food.

It has three main ingredients which are mandatory for a good result. The first ingredient is stale bread, used to do not waste food. The second one is obviously a juicy tomato soup with outstanding quality. Last but not least the famous Extra virgin olive oil.

For a good tomato soup you need quality ingredients and bread without salt (which lasts longer). Clearly, over time, each has made small variations to the recipe but the main ingredients remain firm.

La Ribollita

Ribollita is one of the Tuscan winter dishes and is a delicious soup with different varieties of cabbage, onions, beans and carrots: the perfect combination to face the cold.

The origins of this dish also derive from the rural tradition: simple but nutritious and genuine ingredients.

As in tomato soup, here too the main ingredient is stale bread. Its name means “boiled twice” as it is a plate that needs two days to be cooked, the first one it is prepared and then, the send day it is heated again with olive oil.

Bistecca alla fiorentina

A must for carnivores, it is one of the most popular Tuscan dishes. The main features of this dish are a perfect cut and a scropoul coking a sit has to be very rare. The preparation could seem very simple, but the trhuth is that it is an ancient tradion, so if you want to cook it you need a Tuscan teacher that will tell you how to season the fat of the meat with salt and spices and then put the steak on the grill. The meat must not be absolutely pierced and must be cooked 5 minutes per side.

Il Lampredotto

Let’s talk about the king of sandwiches. If you’re out and about in Tuscan cities, you can refresh your stomach with this street food dish. Lampredotto is the abomasum, that is the fourth stomach of cattle, which is cooked for a long time in water with different ingredients (onion, tomato, celery and parsley). It can be eaten in the sandwich with the green sauce, or consumed as a normal boiled.

Il Cacciucco

This dish comes from the maritime tradition and there are variations based on the place where it is cooked. It is a soup made with fish, molluscs and shellfish. Cooking is complex because each fish has a different cooking time. It is served on toasted bread which has previously been rubbed with garlic and a little tomato sauce is added.


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