9 Active Vacations for People Who Crave Adventure

9 Active Vacations for People Who Crave Adventure

Not everyone wants to sit on the beach or by a pool while on vacation. Some people dream of hiking, ziplining, and rounds of golf on challenging golf courses.

Here are 9 amazing active vacation ideas for daring travelers.

What Are Active Vacations

Active vacations are designed to keep you busy and moving, and not just in a touristy, sightseeing sort of way. They are all about going off the beaten path, being bold and adventurous, and sometimes pushing yourself to the limits. They can be the perfect way to take a time out and truly get away from it all.

Machu Picchu Peru:

This archeological wonder is perfect for people who are interested in the native cultures of the Americas or just love to wander through ancient cities. You can either take a day trip to the ruins or split your trip into a four-day hiking expedition. Just be sure to take some time to enjoy all the other amazing ruins in and around the area.

Black Hole Drop, Belize

If the idea of plummetting 300 feet into the basin of a cave doesn’t phase you one bit, this might be perfect for you. Nestled in the Maya Mountains, this cave looks like a drop into pure darkness. However, once you are at the bottom, you will find yourself surrounded by a lush rainforest, amazing!

Travel The Silk Road

The Silk Road was the main trading route between The East and The West for centuries. This trek through history highlights everything from the Mongol invaders to the extensive trading of the Middle Ages and Renaissance to Communist USSR. It is an absolute must for history buffs and anthropologists who want to see how civilizations influenced each other.

Papua New Guinea

Getting to this remote island in the South Pacific is an adventure all its own. Located just north of Australia, it is the perfect place to flip-flop between relaxing on one of its many beaches or taking in some of its more daring activities. Whether you decided to snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific or hike Mt. Hagan, there is bound to be an adventure that appeals to you.

Southern Utah

If you love the idea of gorgeous rock formations and yoga retreats, why not considering heading to Southern Utah. Famous for its rocky desert landscapes, this gem located in the Southwestern part of the US has recently become a hotspot for health and wellness retreats as well.

So, go to marvel and some of the most magical desert sunsets imaginable while taking your yoga to the next level.


Imagine exploring a gorgeous medieval city one day, hiking through some of the most beautiful mountain ranges the next, sipping whiskey on a remote island in the North Sea the next, and finishing up with a round of golf at one of the most famous golf courses in the world. Well, that is what a Scottish holiday could look like. Just make sure you take plenty of rain gear, as the weather can turn in a moment.

New Zealand

While it may be famous for Hobbiton now, New Zealand has long been a favorite of outdoorsy types who can’t commit to land or sea adventures. With some of the best mountain walks in the world and plenty of ocean around it, those seeking any number of activities are bound to love this island nation nestled in the South Pacific.

Plus, with its relatively small population, you can easily steer clear of other people if you want to enjoy some quiet time away from civilization.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This intricate religious monument is the largest in the world. Built sometime in the 12 century, it is some of the last remaining relics of the Khmer Empire of Cambodia.

While there is a bus service from the current capital, Phnom Penh, taking the six-hour boat ride lets you take in more of the scenery of this often-overlooked South East Asian gem. After you take in the marvel of Angkor Wat, be sure you head to Angkor City, the capital of the Khmer Empire.


Zambia is home to the largest waterfall in the world, along with some of the most amazing safari and big game viewing in Africa. So if swimming at the bottom of one of the world’s most majestic natural wonders sounds like your cup of tea or you want to walk with lions, this central African paradise is bound to be your dream destination.

Go Big or Go Home

Whatever you plan for your active vacation, there are more than enough places and adventures to be had. However, just like any vacation, you plan, be sure to check for visa requirements and that you have an appropriate guide if need be. Because, no matter how epic you want it to be, safety should always come first.

For more great ideas on where to go and what to see, be sure to check out our travel tips. It is packed full of great advice on where to go and what to see no matter where the road takes you.


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