8 reasons why women should wear thongs

8 reasons why women should wear thongs

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Thongs are underwear’s with a narrow strip detail on the waist. It’s a little different from your normal panties. When we talk about thongs, there is a misconception related to it that they are uncomfortable lingerie. That’s not the real case. Thongs have very little fabric then normal underwear’s so it can hardly make someone uncomfortable. They are in fact the most comfortable, if chosen of the right fabric.

Also, women think that thongs are made for a special occasion or for a certain outfit, but thongs can be worn every single day. Here are a few reasons for women to wear a thong:

1: Comfort:

For under garments, the only thing that you look for is utmost comfort. There is no compromise to comfort, and why should you? There a lot of women who think that thongs aren’t comfortable and that’s why they prefer buying a normal panty over thongs. In that case, I would personally once recommend them to buy a thong. They are the most comfortable underwear out of all. They can be worn under every outfit. Also, because of less fabric it is more comfortable.

2: No Panty Lines:

Get rid of checking your colourful panties, before wearing a white pant to your work place. We as women are always worried of what underwear to wear while wearing a white bottom. Out of the all the reasons to wear a thong this one great one is that you can get rid of the panty lines, they literally become non-existent. So no more shame!

3: Say ‘Yes’ for more sexy looks:

Feel sexy inside and outside, wearing a thong underneath. Thongs give your lower body a sexy look (whether or not you are in shape) and utmost comfort. The ones with cotton and silk fabric beneath are way too comfortable. It can change the entire look of the outfit. I personally prefer wearing thongs under all my dresses.

4: Easier to Work-Out:

Women are always concerned about their weight. A little up or down and they start panicking. Whether you are healthy, fat or slim you should always work out. Work out demands comfortable clothes. With thongs it is easier to work out than any other underwear. You need to stretch your body and thongs help you do that without any unwanted interruption.

5: Looks that matter:

Women who prefer comfort & good looks over everything prefer wearing a thong underneath their outfits. Wearing a thong makes you free, of those unwanted panty lines. If you’re planning to make your significant other turn on, thongs would be the perfect underwear to go too. You need not think twice, before wearing a thong.

6: Say ‘No’ to undesired attention:

The other day my girlfriends were sharing with me, that they feel uncomfortable when their panty lines are visible. There is undesired attention of men as the panty lines give a shape to you bums and that is visible to men on the streets. This is one more reason why thongs are recommended for all your outfit and not only special outfits. They free you from panty lines & undesired men.

7: Less Expensive:

Women thongs are not expensive; of course it depends from where you are buying your lingerie. My personal experience of buying thongs online has been the best. It saves time and energy. When you buy thongs or any lingerie remember to always know your present size. If it gets to tight you will find lines on your waist and they start itching. If it is loose it will lead to discomfort.

8: Looks ‘Cool’:

Women thongs are not something that kids can wear, they aren’t even recommended. So when you are in your puberty after thatyou start wearing a thong. It proves your old enough to turn a man on. It’s a great way to actually feel like an adult. Also, you look absolutely cool; thongs don’t hide your sexy bums.

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Thongs will actually make you feel a lot more confident than any other underwear. Once you get comfortable wearing a thong you will never prefer anything else, it’s my personal experience.


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