5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to make your backyard into the place of your dreams. The weather is better, the sun is out longer, and if you finish soon enough, you can actually enjoy the new upgrades!

Sprucing up the place doesn’t have to be hard or break your budget. There are plenty of easy, cost-efficient ways to make your backyard look like something straight out of a magazine! Here’s 5 suggestions to try out before labor day:

1.     Declutter

Does your backyard actually serve as a second storage room instead of a place of rest and relaxation? Don’t worry—you’re not alone! Plenty of families fall into the trap of thinking, “oh, who cares,” when it comes to leaving things out in the grass. But, this excess clutter just makes your backyard look unkept and messy!

Get rid of those empty pots in the back corner, and tell your kids to put the bikes in the garage. We don’t just mean shoving them into another corner, either—We’re talking full-blown purge! Not only will this make your backyard look cleaner, but it’s been proven that less clutter makes people feel more relaxed!

2.     Get Some Outdoor Cover

Something as simple as a gazebo will really amp up the class-factor in your backyard, and provide a nice, cool cover during those hot summer days. You can find a cheap gazebo all over the internet. There are many options that don’t have to be built into the ground, but rather stay up like a tent. This means less work for you and more time to enjoy your backyard!

3.     Add Lots of Plants

While you probably already have plenty of grass, a few colorful and leafy greens will really make your area come alive:

  • Remove any dead shrubbery that brings the energy of the area down
  • Add flowers and vines to make your space look tropical and luxurious
  • A small vegetable garden will give you something to care for and look after, which will make you enjoy it that much more!

Plants are a sign of rejuvenation and positive energy, so have plenty of these in your new area!

4.     Seating & Furniture

You need to have comfortable places to sit—period. You can’t relax in a space that doesn’t have anywhere to sit! Add a firepit with fairy lights and chairs around it to create a magical, intimate summer environment. A fire pit can also roll over into the fall and winter months for double the fun!

Consider adding big, cushy chairs with a nice patio table for a luxurious “pool-side” vibe. Adding seating furniture makes your backyard more inviting for yourself and for guests. Become your friends’ go-to hangout spot this summer!

5.     Cocktails & Drink Bar

Nothing says “summertime” like cool drinks from an outdoor bar on a hot summer day. It doesn’t have to be fancy: something as simple as a stand-alone kitchen island placed outside, or a mini fridge embedded into a DIY bar will suffice! An outdoor bar will not only amp up the cool-factor of your backyard, but will also eliminate the need to keep going back inside for more drinks!

Having a beautiful oasis at home to call your own will give you something to look forward to coming home to every day. Not only that, but it will provide the perfect area to bond with your family and friends after a long day’s work. Use this summer to turn your backyard into a place you look forward to every night—not a cluttered place you avoid!


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