Top Reasons You Should Have a Vacation Home

Top Reasons You Should Have a Vacation Home

After years of working hard and saving your money, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want to treat yourself to. Should you splurge on one big vacation with all the family? Take a romantic trip to the other side of the world? Or maybe you should invest in property abroad, giving you the chance to take regular vacations in an exciting new location with the security of having your own home waiting to greet you at both ends. Here are a few reasons you should consider finding yourself a home away from home.

Unexpected Experiences

However much you love your home town, routines and familiarity can become dull over time. Open yourself up to discovering more about the world outside your comfort zone by taking a trip and finding new places that inspire you. Perhaps you want to chase the sun and avoid winter at all costs. Maybe you wish you could spend more time in nature. Whatever it is you feel is missing from your neighborhood, search for it in another country and be surprised by the exciting new experiences waiting for you there.

Broader Perspective

While on vacation, your time is usually limited, and you feel the need to squeeze as much fun out of it as possible. When you have your own vacation home, however, you can luxuriate in comfort without having to stress about time constraints. Enjoy the new local area and develop an appreciation for culture and society that differs from your own. Travel is an essential part of learning the art of empathy and understanding your fellow man by experiencing ways of life that contrast to your beliefs and upbringing. With a vacation home, you give yourself time to absorb the surrounding culture without the panic of packing in too many activities at once. Who knows, maybe you’ll even decide to stay in your new home permanently.


Unlike taking a regular vacation, finding the right second home abroad can be an excellent investment opportunity. Do you love city shopping but prefer the peace of the countryside? Invest in an urban apartment and rent it out when you’re not around. Have you always admired the Great Pyramids? Look for real estate in Egypt to give you an excuse to visit frequently. By adding to your property portfolio, you can potentially make money for more vacations and spend your life the way you want.

Appreciation and Gratitude

Dividing your time between your home town and your vacation property gives you space to appreciate more in life. When you’re enjoying time in your vacation home, you are better able to see the highlights of your life back home that might have gone unnoticed had you never allowed yourself the opportunity to step back and appreciate it. For example, you might miss the cold winters of your old neighborhood after spending a few seasons on the beach. Giving yourself room to compare a wider variety of lifestyles makes room for gratitude in your life instead of taking good fortune for granted.


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