7 Ways to Flaunt Style in Short Dresses

Flaunt Style in Short Dresses

As the summer has already set in, the time is right to sport those pretty short dresses waiting to come out of your closet. And now that the sun is so high and only soaring, we bet even you cannot resist wearing them both to flaunt them and beat the heat. They undoubtedly look the prettiest and super feminine. However, every dress regardless of its type needs to be worn right for it to make the point.

There is no denying the fact that short formal dresses can be tricky to wear. We have witnessed time and again, women feeling a tad bit uncomfortable while wearing short dresses. As mentioned earlier, there are specific ways to adapt while wearing short dresses to get them right.

In this blog post, we bring you seven ways how you can flaunt those short dresses in style.

1. Choose the perfect fit

Short Dresses 1

First and foremost, your dress should hug you in the right places in the right way. Many times, women seem to choose the fit that is either too tight or too short, and both these variations at the same time mean a wardrobe catastrophe. Yes, you read it right!
Hence, make sure you choose a length and fit that sits well with your body type. Just remember, that too tight of a dress in addition to being short always looks unflattering. It gives the impression as if you are trying too hard and are miserably failing. And we are sure you do not want that at all!

2. Say no or limit the accessories

Say no or limit the accessories

Ladies, when you wear a short dress, let the legs do the talking so, keep the accessories to a bare minimum. Hoarding on accessories will give a not-so put together and an overall gaudy look. We would instead recommend investing time and money in choosing a nice, cutesy pair of heels to make a flattering look. Your footwear is what will make or break the entire look. A loose end here means a look too bland and not wearable at all.

3. Strike a balance

Strike a balance

If you are opting for a short dress, the key to flaunt it in style is to strike and maintain a balance. By symmetry, we mean to keep the rest of your body covered in a way that is stylish because a short dress means too much leg on show. To put the point in perspective, let’s say choose a mini dress which has long sleeves. This will keep the whole look in check, classy and super modest. Nothing will appear as something too much or too less. You see, how proportions matter when it comes to wearing and styling a short dress?

4. Groom those legs right

We just talked about how legs are the center-point of a short dress. For them to do the talking, it is of paramount importance that you look after them really well. The biggest turn off when you wear a short dress and head out of your home is legs which are not tended to. Make sure they are waxed and moisturized well. In fact, ensure that your legs are all slathered in moisturizer before you go out with your dress on. Dry legs just do not make the cut alongside short dresses, lovelies! Furthermore, do not forget to paint your toenails. Speaking of color choice, nothing looks best than neutral tones here.

5. Pay attention to the hemline

This can save your day! Look out for short dresses with a little twist to the hemlines. This works wonderfully and lets you rock a short dress without making you step out of your comfort zone. Moreover, it works best for someone who is going to wear such a kind of dress for the very first time.

For an idea, let’s say that a short dress with an asymmetrical or a high-low hemline will make a brilliant choice. Such a hemline will add a stylish touch to your attire while also providing extra coverage.

Other than this, another hemline style that can work can be the one with a deep slant cut. Again, it is stylish, chic, modern, and of course, edgy.

6. Layering

Pairing a short dress with a shrug is a relatively new trend that is making waves across the world. The length is longer than the dress so, the dress just gets the right amount of attention and no scrutiny at all. All you have to do is just make sure that you pick the right one. If you are wearing a printed dress, then the shrug must be rather subtle. Similarly, if there is an everyday short dress you have chosen; play a little with a shrug. Voila, you are ready to hit the streets!

7. Stock it up

If you shy away from too much exposure to the skin, then stockings are your best friend. However, we believe the sheer ones work best for they really do not interfere much with the dress and still maintain the purpose of the dress. So, it is safe to say that stockings work as a confidence booster when it comes to the dilemma of flaunting a short dress in the most stylish way possible. They can even protect you when the weather gets a bit tricky to deal mainly in a short dress.


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