Top 7 Kids Fashion Trends of Summer 2019

Top 7 Kids Fashion Trends of Summer 2019

The global kids clothing industry is estimated to reach $339 billion by 2024. A good part of this figure is spent on kids fashion trends. Families are always on the move to dress their kids the best outfits there can be.

There isn’t a better time to enjoy life than during the summer. With the sun shining bright and sky clear, summer is a favorite season for many. Often, it’s characterized by fashion trends, and all ages showcase their vibes through fashion.

This article is all about the best kids fashion trends for the 2019 summer. They are truly magnificent and inspirational styles that will have your kids dominating all over. While summer is a time of play, outdoor adventure, sports, and fun, these fashions will only make it better. Read on!

1. Nature and Sport-Inspired Fashion

Are you thinking of environment-friendly for your little fashionistas? Well, you will get absolute approval from fashion pundits. Choosing outfits that correspond to the environmental conditions is a genial masterpiece.

Look for designers offering natural and organic fabrics for the good of your kids. Cotton, organic wool, jute, and bamboo fabrics are kids’ fashionable clothes for summer and spring. Besides, they are organic fabrics that are very environment-friendly.

You can choose favorite prints and matching accessories to get the young ones looking splendid. Besides the natural apparels, you can explore sport-inspired outfits for kids. These attires fit young kids because they can incorporate many styles.

You can choose delicate colors and prints for boys and crotchet and embroidery for girls. They look classy, timeless, and make your kids appear stylish.

2. Floral Outfits

Floral outfits are among the top kids fashion trends to pick this summer. They are unique as they provide the best reflection of the season. When combined with ruffles, they make the best apparels for young girls.

Washed out pinks and lighter-color palettes make floral outfits appealing and suitable for kids. As the summer hits up, these are some of the most fabulous fashions to wow neighbors.

As the flowers blossom out there, so do your kids. Wake up to the smell of roses as your girls stroll around this floral inspired outfits. It’s something that your neighbors will envy.

If you plan to travel a lot during the summer, there isn’t a better outfit.

3. Layered Prints

This fashion trend fits both boys and girls. Layering patterns is a cool festive way to mix up things and get the best for your kids. They make kids look neat, clean, and well kept.

These are ideal layering styles that won’t be bad for your young ones:

  • Layering sheer pieces over the opaque ones
  • Creating an illusion with color and print blocking
  • Layering all the accessories
  • Choosing clothes with contrasting colors

Layered prints appear classy for kids and dull for adults. Both ready-made and custom clothes are ideal, and you can choose the style that fits you flawlessly. To make them more stylish, you can create matching styles, and you won’t believe how amazing they’ll turn out.

4. Sweat Pants

This is the ideal summer trend in 2019. With sweatpants having gained popularity over the previous couple years, there isn’t a better time to unleash them. This is likely to be the trendiest season for kids’ sweat pants.

Look for ways of styling them to get the ultimate casual rib. There are many ways of styling kids’ pants such that they’ll look extra classy and fashionable. Reincarnate the lost summer love by equipping your kids with these trendy outfits.

Accompany them with beautiful accessories and fresh prints that the world will love. They bring out athleticism for kiddos of all ages and can make a tremendous casual hit for boys. If you are going for this trend, get some cools labels, and the boys will love it.

5. 80’s Track Suits

This is a lovely outdoor outfit that will suit your kids, especially when traveling around. It’s all about the aerobics and aesthetic beauty of these old school outfits. If you are looking for kids fashion trends, this is a timeless one that even you can’t explain how amazing it is.

They are comfortable, and kids won’t go all over complaining due to the heat. Also, they are gender neutral, and will likely offer you infinite joy all-round the summer.

Blend the tracksuits with sweatshirts to achieve a more authentic style. This outfit guarantees a total hunk looks like the one that dominated those years. You can have matching for outfits, both boys and girls, and everything will be cool.

6. Yellow Mellow

Are you prepared for pure sunshine this summer? As it’s the forecast, equip kids with best outfits that will not only make them appear amazing but also fashionable. This color will likely dominate all over the summer- you won’t believe how they’ll blend with nature.

Lemon yellow, bright yellow, and mustard flashes will lit up the kids collections this summer. Pastel and marigold yellow are also discrete colors that no one will dislike. There isn’t a better outfit for the morning sunshine over the beaches and hiking treks.

7. Tribal and Folk Style Outfits

If you are fun of folk-tradition outfits, you will have lots of options for your kids this summer. Designers are drawing inspirations from folk inspirations and twisting them to fit the modern style.

You can choose native American, African, or Indian styles to light up the summer. Tribal-inspired embroidery involves things like intricate threadwork, pom poms, feathers, and beads. It is possible that these trends will dominate over the summer, and you can shift your attention towards them.

Kids Fashion Trends – The Bottom Line

When it comes to kids, outfits should be comfortable and ideal for the occasion. Lighter outfits are the perfect options as they go hand in hand with the weather. Heavy dressings may be appropriate as the temperatures might get uncomfortable in some places.

Mostly, you will be hanging outdoors, and you have to get what suits you ideally. You should select timely kids fashion trends that will make your family appear great. There are many options to consider for your kids, and if you choose well, they’ll be nothing short of amazing.

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