Man Bags: Should Men Carry Bags? Totes!

Man Bags: Should Men Carry Bags? Totes!

In 2019, there are more fashion choices available to men than ever before. Whereas it was uncommon for men to use a bag for anything but work and gym even a few years ago, traditional fashion advice is now being turned on its head.

Man bags have taken men all over the world by storm. Whether they’re sporting a fabric tote bag, or need something more substantial for your city life, man bags are now officially cool.

In fact, more than half of millennials reported that man bags were acceptable to wear these days. And they’re not the only ones if we’re to believe all of the celebs we see using them these days too.

If you’re looking to find out a bit more about man bags and how they can be used, please continue reading.

Types of Man Bags

Man bags now come in all shapes and sizes. This is perfect, as you can match it to your lifestyle or taste in fashion.

Backpacks have undergone a transformation over the past decade. Once used solely for work purposes, now brands like Fjallraven strike a perfect balance between understated fashion and functionality.

Check out these stylish backpacks for men to look like a total boss.

Of course, you can go for utility bags such as duffel bags and sports bags, but its best to only use these for their intended purpose. It can begin to look quite scruffy and almost lazy to use these – almost as if you were in a rush that morning.

Versatile Fashion Accessories

One of the key secrets behind the renaissance of the man bag is its versatility and compact nature. You can really use a tote bag as your full bag of shopping, or just to carry only a handful of items.

When it is not in use, it can be neatly folded down and stored within a jacket pocket. This means that you’re not forced to lug around a large, half-empty bag for any more time than is necessary.

Introducing the ‘Mote’ Bag

This leads us to one of the newest fashion accessories to make its way to the market over the past few months. Male-oriented tote bags are now being referred to by fashionistas in the know as “mote” bags.

The key here is using one that is of sufficient quality. After the initial wave of enthusiasms for tote bags wore off, a lot of users were left feeling annoyed.

This was mainly down to the low-quality fabric totes which flooded the market. Weak and flimsy, these weren’t worthy of carrying shopping the road in many cases.

Always look for a robustly constructed tote bag, which should last years. We suggest that you view our totes if you’re looking for a combination of style and longevity.

Get Some New Bags in Your Life

Man bags are here to stay. They can be used for all sorts of helpful functions depending on your needs, and provide the additional benefit of being a cool fashion accessory.

What’s not to like! You should take a deep breath and throw away those old bags straight away.

What bags do you use? Have you already joined the man bag brigade? Comment below with your views on tote bags and whether they suit your fashion tastes.



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