Which Old Appliances Should You Upgrade?

Which Old Appliances Should You Upgrade?

Whenever we hear of new appliances being compared to those that came out just a generation or two ago, we often hear the saying “they don’t make them like they used to”. This is literally true, in the sense that manufacturing techniques have changed to become more efficient compared to how they were then.

But there is often the implication that older appliances are somehow “better”. This may be true in a few specific cases, but by and large modern appliances are not only cheaper, but they also tend to be more reliable and safer to use as well. And if you shop around you may even find that there plenty of appliances out there that are built to better standards than you might find in any previous era.

In any case, there are some things that you should consider replacing, regardless of how well they work now for both energy efficiency and safety reasons.

Replacing these older appliances will not only save you money, but they will usually work better and keep your home safer as well. If you’re ready to upgrade your old appliances or learn more, check out what we think may be the best source for shopping for appliances online.

Anything that breaks down repeatedly

Repairs are usually an environmentally sound way to ensure that the things we own last longer. But past a certain point, it no longer makes any real economic sense to repair some items, especially if they keep on breaking down and if their function has been impaired in some way.

In this case, it’s usually best to get a new appliance. It would be preferable if it were a brand or model that’s particularly well-known for durability so you can avoid having to repeat your experiences with your old appliance.

Refrigerators, heaters, and air-conditioners

If you only have a limited budget for appliance upgrades, these older appliances are ones you should replace first, if only because this is where you’re likely to see the biggest benefit. These appliances are mostly based on related technologies that have made significant strides in energy efficiency in the past 20 years.

Current models of refrigerators, for instance, may be 15%-30% more energy efficient than a similar fridge from 15 years back. This energy savings can translate to hundreds of dollars a year in some cases. If you want to know the best French door refrigerator, we’ve done the research for you.

Top-loading washing machines

Top-loading washing machines tend to be much cheaper than front-loading machines. However, front loaders consume about half the water and about a third less power than a comparable top loader.  As with air conditioners and fridges, this can mean a savings of hundreds of dollars a year. Another advantage of a front loader that’s worth considering is that they could be used in smaller spaces, such as under a bathroom counter, which can be important for apartment dwellers.


There are plenty of functioning CRT tv’s still around. If you own one of these older sets, you might as well upgrade now, even if your current TV is still functioning. LED LCD and OLED televisions consume only a fraction of the energy old-school television screens do. And because TV’s are typically on for hours at a time every day, this can really add up. They also have many other plusses, including massive space-savings and the ability to safely mount them virtually anywhere.


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