Quality Granite Worktops In Essex

Quality Granite Worktops In Essex

Kitchen design, as we all know, is a very complicated science. Not too long ago, kitchens were a space for preparing food alone. In the vast majority of larger homes, they were often located quite a distance from the dining room and living room. Fast forward to today however and the kitchen has become the hub of the home where the majority of the socialising takes place. Not only does the kitchen provide that area to prepare food but now, with modern design, it also provides an amazing space to chat, eat and relax for the whole duration of the day for some. The kitchen has become the place where most people live their lives and as such, the design of such a room requires a little extra loving care. 

One of the most well used areas of any kitchen is of course the worktop. These are the surfaces where we chop our food, unload our shopping and spill our drinks. Books are poured over and dinners prepared. It’s no wonder then that choosing the right worktop can make or break your kitchen.

 Quality Kitchen Worktops

Stone is fast becoming one of the most popular choices when it comes to kitchen worktops. Whether that’s granite worktops or quartz, a stone worktop can turn any space into a hub of luxury and style. Stone worktops don’t just look good, they provide a multitude of benefits too. To find out just why so many are choosing quartz and granite worktops in Essex, we went to one of the most popular granite suppliers in Essex, The Only Way Is Granite, for the lowdown. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Low Maintenance – as stone is a natural material, it’s easy to keep clean. Just a simple wipe down with a cloth will ensure a clean and hygienic surface to work on. Cleaning requires minimal effort, with a simple warm soapy cloth too. While quartz worktops are non porous and require little to no maintenance, granite worktops simply require occasional sealing. That’s it. No in-depth cleaning regimes and no in-depth maintenance required. 
  • Adds Value – installing worktops like granite will actually add value to property. Whether you’re installing granite worktops on behalf of a client or for yourself, this is usually one of the biggest reasons this particular stone is chosen. The high-end style appeal and the quality of the stone itself offers a long-term, quality surface, one that many long for, the value of which is often held for quite some time.
  • Tough And Durable – from heat resistance to non-porous qualities, granite and quartz worktops are incredibly tough and durable. From dropped knives to heavy crockery scraping across the surface, you won’t find a worktop that withstands such wear and tear as well as granite and quartz. 
  • Non-Porous – as quartz is a mix of natural stone and resin, it has a very low porosity level meaning its ability to resist stains is excellent. While granite does require occasional sealing, it also offers a very low porosity level. This means spillages of food, sauces and drinks can often be wiped clean without leaving any signs whatsoever.
  • On-Trend – natural granite and quality quartz both offer an incredible look that simply can’t be created with the likes of laminate or wood. The opulent appearance, combined with such durable qualities, as well as the variety of colours available has made these types of worktops incredibly popular and on-trend.

If you’d like to make a statement with granite or quartz worktops in Essex, contact The Only Way Is Granite today on 01277 800023. The Only Way Is Granite supplies quality granite and quartz worktops throughout Essex and beyond, working with all clients, from interior designers to homeowners themselves. 


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