Best interior design tips to refresh your home

Best interior design tips to refresh your home mirror

Every homeowner wants to have a home interior that will impress their guests and leave a great first impression.  But even more important, every homeowner wants to feel like home in a cozy and stylish environment once they step in their house. Yet, after years and years, every house needs a little bit of redecoration to look at its best and inspire an environment that feels like home. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks that can help you design the interior of your house and give it a breath of fresh air. Read on to find out the best interior design tips to refresh your home and impress your guests with a stunning space.

Repaint your interior walls

Repainting your interior walls is the cheapest and most effective way to give your home a new look. It can totally reinvent the way a room looks like depending on which color you choose. Light colors such as whites and shades of nudes can add a sense of spaciousness and luminosity to a small room. On the other hand, dark colors do the exact opposite by making a very spacious room feel cozier and warmer. Repainting your interior walls is definitely the very first step that you need to start with before adding decorations or moving your furniture from one corner of a room to another.

Mirrors make a huge difference

Homeowners that have a small house know the struggles of making a small room look more spacious and brighter. Small rooms tend to look cluttered even though there are very few pieces of furniture inside it. fortunately, there are a few easy tips that can help the way a small room feels like. Apart from repainting the room with brighter colors to add a sense of spaciousness, placing mirrors on the walls can do magic with the help of optical illusion. Mirrors open the space of a room and prevent the sense of claustrophobia. Tall slender mirrors, strategically placed, create the illusion of spaciousness and brightness by reflecting the opposite corner of the room or creating the illusion of a doorway that leads to another room. Also, small rounded mirrors placed together on the wall can create the illusion of existing holes in the wall that will transform your room into an artwork. There is a multitude of possibilities when it comes to using mirrors for optical illusions to change to way your home feels and looks like. All you have to do is to use your creativity and choose the sizes and shapes that suit your home the best.

Go green

Nowadays, we live in the era of the rise of sustainable and eco-friendly homes. More and more homeowners want to green their houses for a healthier and less damaging environment for our planet. Going green with our homes isn’t just a trend anymore, it is something that we should all do to reduce the carbon footprints of your households on our environment. Adding plants to your living space is the most inexpensive way to accessorize and add color to your home. A couple of large plants in your hallway or living room can clean the household air, balance humidity, and elevate your interior design. Consider looking for stylish vases and planter pots in home decor online Australia stores to take your plants to another level.

Best interior design tips to refresh your home

Redesign your kitchen

According to new studies regarding the top home features that today’s homebuyers want to find in a new home, the kitchen is the heart of a house. The kitchen is the most used room and the place where all family members gather to spend quality time together. Thus, redecorating and adding a breath of fresh air to the room environment is essential to reinvent the way your home feels like.  The kitchen needs to be both stylish and function for all the activities that you and your family will do there such as cooking, eating, and socializing. For small kitchens, upper cabinets are the best option for extra storage space and more free space to add a large table for family dinners. Also, poor lighting in the kitchen is simply inappropriate. If you want to create a cozy and warm feeling with lighting, choose to do it in the living room or your bedroom. All main work areas of the kitchen need good lighting that you can create with both general lighting for overall illumination and accent lighting.

Best interior design tips to refresh your home white

Consider modern lighting ideas

Surprising as it may be, lighting can either make or break the interior design of a room. If you want to create a stylish home environment and impress your guests, make sure that you get the lighting right. There are many options available from chandeliers, LED lights, pendants, and wall sconces, thus choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task. In order to make the right choice, avoid focusing on fixture but rather on the way light will land on the surfaces of your home.

Invest in artwork

When it comes to adding artwork in your home there are no limits. Whether you love paintings, sculptures, or other wall decors, you can add a focal point of the room by centering it above or on your furniture.  For art to add character in your home, you have to choose the unique pieces that reflect you the best.

Best interior design tips to refresh your home table

 Make it feel like home

Stylish interior design doesn’t necessarily feel like home for anyone who enters the space. You have to add a personal note to the home environment in order to feel like you are in your safe, warm, and comfortable living space. Instead of avoiding using existing personal objects, you should embrace the process and choose to use the items that have been in your old home design for a long time. Moreover, to make the space feel more personal, add objects that are meaningful to your family. Whether it is travel souvenirs, photo frames or a collection that you have been gathering since childhood, personal objects are the perfect final touch that will make your house feel like home.


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