The Top 5 Record Keeping Apps for Small Businesses

The Top 5 Record Keeping Apps for Small Businesses

Keeping accurate records is a must if you are writing off expenses or managing a business. It’s one of the most challenging things to do.

Businesses struggle to manage the day to day operations, which usually means that they’re putting out fires constantly. It’s difficult to organize and manage records in a way that makes them easy to find when you need them. One school district in California used 20% of staff time just to find documents.

There is a better way when you use record keeping apps to maintain your records. This makes them much easier to manage and find the documents and records when you need them.

Which apps are the best for record keeping? Read this to find out.

1. QuickBooks

Quickbooks is well-known for its ability to manage your accounting. This is an excellent record keeping app for invoices, vendor payments, and cash flow.

QuickBooks is ideal because so many programs integrate with it, as you’ll see shortly.

The main advantage of this program is reporting. You can see exactly how your business stands financially at any given moment.

2. Shoeboxed

Named after the time-honored tradition of keeping your receipts in a shoe box, this app helps you manage that. You can track receipts, mileage, and expenses all from one handy tool.

You can then use Shoeboxed to export your reports into your accounting tools. It integrates with Quickbooks, Xero, and Wave Accounting.

3. Mile IQ

One of the major tax write-offs that you can get is car mileage. Mile IQ automatically tracks your mileage. This keeps you from forgetting to manually log your mileage in a log book.

You can then go into the app and log your business purpose, whether that was a meeting or networking event.

4. ThePayStubs

When you run payroll for your employees, you probably use direct deposit to pay your employees. About 82% of employees get their pay through direct deposit.

That leaves the question of how do you keep accurate records of how much was salary, and how much was taken out for taxes? ThePayStubs is an app that will let you create and print your paystubs for accurate record keeping.

5. Zoho Expense

Whether you are a solopreneur or you have a business with employees, you need to have a way to track expenses.

Zoho Expense gives you and your team an easy way to track and approve expenses. You can also attach receipts to your expense reports. The app also has a GPS function, which makes mileage tracking easy as well.

Must-Have Record-Keeping Apps

In business, you need to run a tight ship. That means using your resources efficiently. Using valuable staff time to dig for records is a sign that you need a better way to organize and manage your records.

With these record-keeping apps, you can be sure that you can be a better manager of information. You can pull up the documents you need,  when you need them, without digging through boxes and file cabinets.

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