7 Decorating Trends for Summer

7 Decorating Trends for Summer

If you’re planning a decorating project this summer, knowing the latest trends can provide you with some inspiration. Even if you prefer to tread your own path when it comes to style and design, it is possible to put your own slant on what everyone else is doing. If you want to brighten your home this summer, here are some ideas you might want to consider.

  • Vibrant Splashes of Color

Bring the feel of summer into your home with a vibrant splash of color. Without spending huge amounts of time or money you can liven up any room and achieve a summery décor. Add a new set of bold, patterned throw cushions, a brighter lampshade, or a new piece of artwork on the wall. If you’re not brave enough to go bold, then go for energizing pastels and matte finishes.

  • White Wood

It’s all about lightening your rooms this summer, and one of the best ways to do that is switch out your dark wood furniture for something much lighter. If your furniture needs replacing choose white painted wood as it makes a room feel much lighter and brighter. If you’re happy with your furniture there’s always the option of changing your cabinet doors. Visit cabinetdoorsnmore.com if you want some examples. 

  • Summery Patterns

Bright colors, bold patterns, and prints bring a splash of color throughout your home. Switch out your drapes, cushions, throws, towels or lounge chairs but make sure you make a statement. Geometric patterns, pretty florals, eclectic prints, and acid yellow are certain to catch the eye. For a more conservative design look for muted pastels, makeup colors and watercolor-inspired prints.

  • Striking Wall Art

This is a designer touch you can definitely make your own. Art is a very subjective décor element, so feel free to go with something that catches your eye. It could be a fun floral print, abstract piece, or something energetic. Art is something you can change regularly, whenever a room needs a refresh, but your budget is limited.

  • Mix Your Textures

Textures and lots of different ones are trendy this year, especially if they’re natural materials. Mixed textures and tactile throws and cushions create a warm and cozy feel in the home. Environmentally friendly materials are a must for anyone who cares about their impact on the planet. Look for ethical cottons that have been enzyme washed as this natural process creates an all over softness. 

  • Open Shelving

It’s no longer considered cool to have everything hiding away. 2019 is the year of open shelving. Have all your items on show and have fun choosing the right containers, ditching anything plastic of course.

  • Pantone’s Color of 2019 is Living Coral

Pantone’s color this year is living coral, a warm and nurturing shade that energizes and enlivens a room. Inspiration for variations on this theme includes earth minerals and shell clay. Colors from the soft pastel palette work well with other chalky shades but if you want some real drama, add a pop of bright orange or red. If you’d prefer a more muted color scheme add organic textures in your lighting and soft furnishings.


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