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How to attract the target audience there were a lot of articles, but what to do next with this audience? What content (posts) to publish, so that they are involved in the account, so that they often buy your products and become loyal to the brand?

At the stage when there is already a community and the necessary audience is attracted to it, many make a big mistake – they prepare materials and publish what the administrator may like in the context of the company’s objectives: these can be jokes, branded puzzles, direct advertising with a description of the tasks that the product solves, some “involving” posts with open questions. No, in such posts there is nothing bad, but what if the audience’s opinion differs from the administrator’s opinion? In this case, community activity will be sluggish, sales will be low and, accordingly, the budget spent will be inefficiently spent. There are two ways to solve this problem: to test and collect cones on your own experience or to take a more correct step: analyze what the audience likes, compare different mechanics among themselves, monitor the work of competitors, and create their own content based on analysis data. Analysis will help to find materials that are objectively interesting to the audience and to avoid subjectivity in planning.

To solve this problem, we, a team of several people, have created analytics service Buy Instagram followers – Cheapigfollowers. The tool will help to compare posts, see statistics, compare different communities among themselves and even evaluate the effectiveness of different topics.

To make it easier to disassemble the method of work, we split the decision process into different points:

Evaluation of the popularity of posts, analyzing the preferences of the audience of interest

For this we need the functionality of loading and sorting posts in the service – the most basic function, from which we will build on in the following paragraphs. The service downloads all community posts for the specified period and issues them in the form of a tape of publications sorted by activity: you can sort by the number of likes, reposts, comments, ER (we’ll return later and write what it is), date and number of views for social networks with video posts.

The assessment process is divided into two parts: we analyze what our target audience likes and see how competitors work.

To understand what attracts our target audience, you need to pick communities where their representatives are the most. This can be done in two ways: the first option is to choose independently, relying on the right subject, for example, if your clients are parents, then take communities for mothers, the second way is to choose special services, for example, – There you can find out the parameters of your Instagram followers: age, city, etc. The advantage of the first method is that you will see the content that is closest to your subject, in the second case, communities with the right audience can be in the greatest quantity just not in the thematic public.

Evaluation of the popularity of posts of different subjects and with different content

Using data on which post objectively gained more likes, reposts, etc. in the community as a whole, it will be practically useless if records on various topics are published on the analyzed page, since Any particular type or format of posts may, in principle, attract more attention – contests, funny pictures, etc. In this case, using Cheapigfollowers, you can filter the tape, leaving only publications with specific content: photos, videos, links, text, hashtags, etc.

The filtering panel is located under the sorting buttons – these are filtering buttons by the type of content (video, photo, etc.) and the “Text summarization” and “Search” buttons.

Content preparation

Now that you have data on which posts work better or worse, you know that competitors are using, you have chosen the most effective headings and selected the time of publication, you can start preparing the posts themselves. This is an important step to increase community activity.

The task at this stage is to combine the data with the information that your company wants to convey to the audience. Use effective posts as an example, select materials that are similar in format or subject, and turn them into your own post that will catch two birds with one stone – it will show interesting content to the audience and convey the desire of your company to the audience.

Using these techniques in the work can significantly improve the efficiency of the community, increase activity in the group, the level of audience involvement, traffic generated by the site and, as a consequence, the growth of sales of your product. Another social network can even be a base for analysis – focusing on Instagram activity, transfer some mechanics, adapting to Instagram or Facebook, for this purpose Popsters supports analysis in 4 social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

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