Personalized Bereavement Gifts That Show You Care

Personalized Bereavement Gifts That Show You Care

No one can ever find the right words to say to someone who has lost a family member, pet, or friend. While you can tell them it gets better, or that you’re there if they need you, sometimes it’s better to offer something that shows your empathy and compassion. The words you speak can fade from their memory, but the gift you give them won’t.

However, choosing a gift can be as challenging as finding the right words to say. How do you find something that perfectly encompasses your sorrow and heartbreak for their loss? Nothing will truly take the pain away, but these heartfelt gifts below may be able to help ease it – at least for a time.

Living Plants

One of the most popular bereavement gifts is a bouquet of flowers, but not everyone will appreciate the gesture. Flowers will sit in a vase at home until they slowly die, a painful reminder of current events. If you want something that quietly tells the recipient that they need to go on living, then it’s living plants.

Not only do they look stunning in a presentation box, but they are something you can plant so that you can appreciate it forever. Jasmine, Kaffir Lime, Olive trees, Peace Lily, they are all excellent examples of plants that make lovely bereavement gifts.

The recipient can either keep them in the planter for use in their home or office or plant them in the ground so they can thrive.

Home Cooking

The grief process manifests itself in several ways, and everyone reacts differently to the loss of a loved one. You’ll never be able to speed up or alter that grief process, but you can make sure your friend or a family member has the strength to tackle it head-on.

The last thing they’ll feel like doing is cooking or carrying out any part of their normal routine. When a loved one dies, nothing feels like it’ll be normal ever again. Therefore, one of the best bereavement gifts you can offer is home cooking. Take all the stress out of their daily life by making sure they and their family are well fed.

Make sure the dishes are easy to microwave, are full of nutrients, and cater to each member of the family. You will never know how much stress you’ve saved by making sure everyone is well-nourished.

Service Vouchers

Gift cards are a well-received present for any occasion, but they can be even more so if you offer them as a bereavement gift. While it would be insensitive to provide a dining or shopping voucher, it’s not if it’s a service voucher.

When family members arrive from all over the world to attend a funeral, the spouse or closest relation of the deceased normally houses them. With so many people coming and going, the house can end up a mess. The bereaved then end up having to clean it up – something they may not feel up to doing. You can do your part by organizing a full house clean for them. You can either give them the service voucher or prepay the cleaning company. Your friend or family member then doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Gift Baskets

It can be hard to know what bereavement gifts to buy for someone who seemingly has all the support, love, and encouragement they need. Their home cooking needs are taken care of, and their home is spotless thanks to well-meaning friends and family. In that case, a gift basket could work hand in hand with living plants as gifts.

Gift baskets can feature all those much-needed pick-me-ups such as chocolate biscuits, cakes, crackers, and cheese. They’re also affordable, rank fourth in the most popular gifts statistics, and mean you don’t have to turn up empty-handed.

Memory Décor

Memory décor can be a lovely gesture and bereavement gift for someone with which you’re not overly close. Gift stores are full of beautiful mementos that can help people through various stages of grief. If you’re not sure what could work as a bereavement gift, there’s also no harm in talking to shop assistants. They may have some suggestions based on what other people have purchased in the past.


It’s never a walk in the park going shopping for bereavement gifts. You know that whatever you buy will never take away or numb the pain. However, that doesn’t mean you should turn up empty-handed. Try to make any part of their life more comfortable in any way you can.

Cook for them if it means they don’t have to do it themselves. Offer a housecleaning voucher if it means that’s one less thing for them to worry about. A living plant instead of a bouquet will also say they have something that will grow and thrive as they do. Put a lot of thought into your bereavement gifts to show your friend or family member how much you care.

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