Moving Services

Moving Services

No matter how much we love the apartments we live in, sometimes circumstances force us to move to new locations. While it’s a hard thing to adapt to a new environment, moving to a new place could also prove to be a unique experience for you. Looking at it from the POV that you will have a new environment, meet new neighbors and the whole moving experience is made more accessible by having the right moving company help you relocate to your new premises.

If you came across this article in your quest to look for the right moving company for you, then you are home and dry. Let me take you through the moving services to expect from any customer-minded company should offer.

There are several irreducible minimums that any moving company you hire should meet for you to be sure that the moving help listed in their about-us page is satisfactory for you. To get excellent moving help, here are some things you ought to consider before signing that agreement:

Is it a certified Moving company?

Remember you are not just hiring some relative or a friend to help you move to your new house, it is a group of people who’ll be handling your valuables; furniture, kitchen stuff, beddings, appliances and other items that you spent lots of money to purchase. Should there be any breakages due to some mishandling, it would be easier to get them replaced if you hired a licensed company than if it would be a friend or a relative who was only giving a hand. Just make sure the company you hire has a current license and a current insurance cover.

Do you trust the company?

Trustworthy companies are hard to come by especially with the rise of con businesses all over. One way to know that a company is reliable is to ask around to find out whom the company has served before and if they were satisfied. Companies that have been long-serving in the industry are likely to be reliable. You can clear your doubts (and it is a good thing to doubt, sometimes) by visiting the customer review section of their website to see the feedback from customers. You will either fall for them or scrap the company from your prospect list. Once you have established that a particular company is trustworthy, you are good to go. But there’s more to look out for.

Look out for transparency

The words of a salesperson are sweeter than fine wine. You would be easily convinced when they give you a quotation. Usually, the quote a salesperson will provide you with the rates per the number of hours spent on the job or on the number of movers you would want to be involved in the exercise. Whatever is in the quotation is usually the basic rate charged without including any additional packages that may arise especially if the items to be moved are more than you stated in the quote. It is therefore vital to ask for an all-inclusive quotation- one that includes additional costs. If the company doesn’t provide you with all the info you need beforehand, I confer you with the right to move to a more transparent company.

Let the whole exercise work to benefit you

It is important to consider yourself and your items with high regard above all else. Remember this is a paid-for service and you are spending time and money to make sure you move comfortably and with minimal or no damages. You have the right to make sure that the company truck offered to you has a capacity that can fit all your items.  Make sure that they work within your agreed schedule. Check that there are enough packaging supplies and possibly ask for more.

Outsmart rogue movers

There is virtually no business without a con or counterfeit competitor. So it is with moving service providers. You will always come across rogue movers, who either are not licensed, have no consistent service record, no physical address or worst of all will ask you for a deposit which is above 20% of the total cost. Rogue movers are everywhere trying to con unsuspecting clients. This calls for you to be shrewd and escape their trap.

In your quest to find the right mover, don’t allow yourself to be swayed by cons. The tips discussed above are meant to sharpen your search skills and get the best moving help around. Take your time to do enough research and asking around. Check out for reliability, long customer service records and one that puts your moving needs above all else.


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