How to Clean Golf Shoes Properly at Home

How to Clean Golf Shoes Properly at Home

The most common secret among most secrets around our home is to know how to clean golf shoes properly at home? If you think this in a practical way then you will find out that golf shoes are not easy to maintain them looking fresh and nice and after taking out them from the box. If you struggled a lot for cleaning your nice golf shoes earlier on, then do not feel bad because now we are going to help you to make this cleaning part very easy and simple. Now, we are going to discuss how to clean golf shoes properly at home and we are expectant that this discussion is going to be very beneficiary and helpful for you guys. From baking soda to bleach to toothpaste, here, we will talk about all the ways to keep your golf shoes cleaned at home.

But, before starting our discussion let us wise up you guys something, cleaning the golf shoes is not easy work. You will need to have a lot of composure and time for cleaning your golf shoes nicely.

How to Clean Golf Shoes Properly at Home?

  • You should do the first things first: Prevention is the best key. Before you even put on your new golf shoes for the first time, the experts recommend that you treat them instantly with a spray-on taint and water repellant. Repeat the spray-on process every few weeks to keep your golf shoes nice and protected no matter where you plan to wear them or what type of spills, weather, or slob you come in contact with during your day.
  • Another wise tip for you: You may make spot-cleaning a good habit. It may be seemed boring, but the constant spot-cleaning task may lend a huge amount of labor toward how you can completely clean your golf shoes and properly. You may take off any taints or scruffs when you look at the golf shoes with a wipe or a cleaning agent. Otherwise, the cleaning agent may be sunk into the shoes’ fabrics and your duty of getting them perfectly and nicely white again will be that much more and more challenging.

What to Use to Clean Your Golf Shoes

To clean your golf shoes properly what is the most significant thing for you? Any idea? A toothbrush and that can help you nicely to target hard to reach smudges. Use the toothbrush perfectly to wash your golf shoes. If you wash your golf shoes with a toothbrush using soap and warm water then you may make a difference to your shoes. But it does not work properly then you may use other household things like- bleach, baking soda,  baby powder, and even toothpaste.

  • An important piece of advice for you: Never, ever put your nice sneakers and golf shoes in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry, or even in the wash by themselves. If you do that thing then we should say you that this task can damage permanently your golf shoes or sneakers. In short, we can say that your nice golf shoes may not look the same again after that primary wash.

Can You Clean Your Golf shoes by Using Bleach?

Wondering if you can use bleach on your golf shoes or sneakers? The short answer is that yes, you can use bleach on your shoes but this is not the lightest choice of you. In fact, the warning with using bleach to clean your shoes is that you have used it very carefully. As for how much bleach to use to clean golf shoes is actually reclines on most shoe-care guiders suggestions and it is that mixing part to the water about five liters.

  • To clean golf shoes by using bleach: You will need some bleach, a small container, water, a nice toothbrush, and a fan or a nearby window. At first, mix a small amount of bleach with at least 5 times as much water in a nice ventilated place. Then, dip the toothbrush in the diluted bleach solution and wash the shoes gently. Rinse out with warm water when your cleaning part is complete, and then let the golf shoe air dry for at least several hours.
  • An important piece of advice for you: Household bleach powder (Sodium Hydroxide) is not technically speaking considered toxic or erosive, even if ingested, but household bleach exposure can cause irritation in your mouth, eyes, lungs and on skin. You all should also follow the bleach safety tips.

How to Clean Golf Shoes Properly at Home by Using Baking Soda?

Baking soda is just another thing in your whole house of what to clean golf shoes with and it’s one of our favorite DIY cleaning ways because it really works great and well. To use it safely, you will need two of white vinegar or a splash, which moreover to freshening up the smell of your house is a useful cleaning agent as well.

  • To clean golf shoes by using baking soda: Mix clean warm water about a tablespoon, white vinegar of one tablespoon, and baking soda which is about one tablespoon. Mix till that transforms into a paste-like consistency, and then work (using a toothbrush) to brush the mixture onto the canvas parts of your golf shoes or sneakers. Once the golf shoes are covered with the mixture, leave them outside in the fresh air, warm sunlight for several hours. Once the mixture is dry out, clap the golf shoes together to remove the mixture and brushing again with a toothbrush should remove mixture all. Your golf shoes should be several shades whiter than before.

How to Clean Golf Shoes Properly at Home by Using Toothpaste?

Can it whiten your sneakers or golf shoes? It can do this job nicely, believe it or not. Clearly, you will need to stay far away from colored toothpaste which can stain your nice golf shoes further. The bonus here is that you know your cleaning agent is bland and you use it in your mouth.

  • To clean golf shoes by using toothpaste: Use white color toothpaste and a toothbrush. Similar to how to clean golf shoes properly at home by using baking soda and bleach, you will attach the white toothpaste to your dirty shoes or sneakers, working in circular motions on your dirty speck. Once you have worked the toothpaste into the fabric of the shoes, let it remain for about 10 minutes. Use a clean wet towel to take off the white toothpaste from your golf shoes then you may repeat the method if it is needed.


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