Corner Guards

Corner Guards

When you watch the towering buildings in the city, you wonder what material makes them so strong. Second, from a stable foundation, any premises is fortified by having its wall fitted with corner guards. This may seem like a small detail when compared to the enormous efforts employed to establish a structure, but if ignored, it can be so detrimental to the entire investment made on the building.

Boss steel corner guards play a significant role in protecting your offices, hotel, and any other building. Corner guards keep safe both the building and the occupants even in the event of a shake-up. With this in mind, it becomes a necessity to ensure that the walls of the place you call home or place of work. The only sure way to do this is by having your wall reinforced with long-lasting corner guards. Keep your family, pets and staff in your business premise from getting injured by sharp corner edges.  There are several reasons why this is important, keep reading on.

Keep your loved ones away from scratches

In a place where movements are inevitable, such as a busy office, a house with kids all over and so on, you are likely to encounter cases of someone scratched their arm against a wall or a wounded kid who hit the edge of a house during play. No matter how minor these accidents may seem, they interfere with the peace we need for the day because no one wants anyone to be wounded or to have their kids bleeding all over the place. This is only avoidable by having your walls fitted with quality and sturdy corner guards. This way, you will have protected all your loved ones from scratches and your walls from damages.

Keep high maintenance costs at bay

Frequent repairs and renovation of our houses or business premises always eat into our pockets, often in an unplanned way. Though improvements are necessary and inevitable, you can cut down the maintenance costs significantly by having the right wall protective features. The cost of always repairing a commercial building is much higher than the cost of purchasing and installing corner guards.

Protection from unpredictable disasters.

Storms, earthquakes and floods are natural calamities that invade us at the least expected time. While today’s building code demand that the buildings we erect to be fitted with safety measures against such disasters, it is not enough to bank on that. Adding an extra safety measure of reinforcing your walls with corner guards will not only reduce the impact caused by an earthquake but will also keep your walls safe all year round. The cost of repair after such unfortunate disasters is quite expensive and time-consuming too. If you have your premises fitted with boss stainless steel corner guards, then you could as well minimize such extra repair costs.

Protect your staff

A busy factory has constant movement where a lot of carrying heavy loads are involved, and with that happening, it is not uncommon to find scratched walls and other wall damages. This means you will always be forced to have repairs often to keep your walls firm and sturdy. This can be avoided if you consider the benefits of protecting your walls against such damages by using corner guards. It will also protect your employees from having to work with injured body parts due to minor accidents that can be easily avoided.

Corner guards may be overlooked non-necessities, but the damage caused by building and injuries inflicted by rough walls is what will push you to the wall to have these wall protectors. You cannot compare the cost of repair and maintenance to the one-time expense of installing corner guards. Nevertheless, it is not enough to have all the info here and miss out on the correct installation. You have to make sure that the installation is done professionally using the right corner guards. While you may adopt the DIY technique of using adhesives to fit in the guards, it is recommended to allow a professional do the job they are trained to do. It may cause you to go back to your pocket, but once the job is done, you won’t consider the amount of money you spent. The end will always justify the cause.


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