Five things to do to become more eco-friendly

Five things to do to become more eco-friendly

Climate change is a growing issue.

All of us know it, but many refuse to own up to it. It’s tough, right? I

do admit that I used to be one of those people that thought I wouldn’t be able to make a difference big enough, that plastic straws weren’t going to ruin the Earth and that scientists would soon enough have a miracle breakthrough to stop the world from heating up.

However, it is now becoming more and more apparent that this simply isn’t the case, and that we all need to face our own flaws when it comes to being eco friendly and make some changes.

I’ve quickly learned that these changes don’t have to be huge to make a difference, and you won’t see many changes in your day-to-day lifestyle.

Here I’ve picked out my top five things that you can do to be more eco friendly. I’ve tried to pick the solutions that require the least time and won’t break the bank – the ones that I could get used to easily and I think you could, too.

  1. Buy reusable straws

Now this one did take me awhile to get around to, but I now can’t imagine anything other than skipping the plastic straws and whipping out my own handy set of metal ones.

Whether it was the pictures of trapped sea turtles or the change to paper straws at McDonalds that finally pushed me to make the change doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things – I got there and now I’m seeing the benefits everywhere I go.

Every plastic straw both you and I leave alone in the takeaway is one less plastic straw to go around. It’s one less to be bulk bought by the business, and therefore one less to be manufactured.

2) Get a reusable bottle

Plastic bottles! How many do you get through during the week between work and the gym? There really is no need. I used to have a plastic bottle that I’d use for a week before throwing away and getting a new one, but even with this method, you’re throwing away 52 bottles each year when there really is no need.

Owning a Kool8 bottle has honestly changed my entire perspective. It keeps my tea hot and my water cold, is easy to clean and is nice and light to take on runs or carry in my handbag. What more could you possibly need from a water bottle? Even Cool Things Chicago named it in its list of Best Water Bottles for Hiking in 2019 for its high capacity and outstanding insulation.

3) Buy from charity shops

Fast fashion is all over the media at the moment for causing countless issues with water use, electricity use, harmful clothing dye and even landfill.

We’re now at a point where eighty billion pieces of clothing are consumed globally every year, which has doubled over the last fifteen years. I’m aware charity shops can be a bit of a bore.

However, if the younger generation all donated those outfits we’ve only worn on one night out or can’t quite fit into rather than throwing them away, there would be so much more that doesn’t look like your grandma’s curtains.

4) Invest in reusable shopping bags

These handy carriers will save you in multiple situations. Most fold up small so they’ll fit easily into your bag, or even your pocket, to be used in all situations. And stop being so obsessed with bags from clothing stores!

Many of us are more than happy to pack food into non branded bags, but when it comes to a new pair of jeans- not a chance. Ask yourself: does it really matter?

Yes, you may prefer carrying around a Pull & Bear bag over a Walmart one, but in the grand scheme of things, what difference does it make?

Plastic bags are statistically used as a one-time-thing for just twelve minutes before being discarded. Stop asking for yet another bag to add to your collection, and start bringing your own reusable ones instead.

5) Walk more

It’s not only good for your health, but good for the environment too. How many times do you take the car around the corner to the store, or to work? Maybe it’s time to get those trainers on and take a stroll instead.

Especially for those of us working a desk job like myself, getting those steps in is essential for staying healthy, and can also clear the mind before or after a long day.

You’ll see the benefits instantly- I certainly did. And when I can’t walk, I choose to get the bus. Cutting down on emissions is essential to keeping the air we breathe clean, the polars cold and our earth, essentially spinning.

Tips to take away…

If you plan to take just one step today to do your bit from climate change, do just that. Take a step. Get outside, breathe in the fresh (or not so fresh) air and take into account how the earth is changing.

When it starts to settle in that every single person needs to do their bit to save the world, you’ll be much more motivated, as was I.

Say no to that plastic bag or straw and bring your own. Do a litter pick, educate others on why you’re making new eco friendly choices!

There’s a whole world of ways to make the earth cleaner out there. Even if you just pick five, that’s five steps nearer than you were before.

This guest post comes from Michael Reddy @ Digital Authority Partners, a Chicago digital agency


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