Let there be light: LED, pot lights, and pendant lights with stretch ceilings

Let there be light: LED, pot lights, and pendant lights with stretch ceilings

Old asbestos ceilings can be a nuisance. Apart from looking unclean and blotchy, popcorn ceilings pose a severe health hazard to the residents. An economical and almost instant solution to old popcorn ceiling removal is stretch fabric ceilings. These elevate the aesthetics of any room, and they can encapsulate the harmful asbestos completely. Any stretch ceiling has the potential to hide unsightly electrical wiring and old plumbing. It is no surprise that homeowners across the US are opting for stretch ceiling solutions instead of popcorn ceiling removal nowadays.

Low lighting makes everything worse

Ancient concrete ceilings and popcorn ceilings pose several problems. Many buildings have restrictions on the installation of new lighting systems since they do not allow the occupants to channel new electrical wiring through the ceilings. No one likes dark, inadequately lit rooms, but many residents have to give up the hope of installing new lighting fixtures due to similar restrictions. We have come across several apartments that use floor lamps and table lamps in place of pendant lamps or ceiling LEDs. We don’t hold anything against floor lamps or table lamps, but these are not the ideal light sources for working, studying or doing regular household work. Some areas of a house demand more light than the others, and that includes the kitchen, bathroom, and study.

Imagine having to clean and cut meat or peel veggies in the light of a table lamp! It is not only ridiculous but also highly unsafe. Homeowners often approach stretch ceiling companies looking for lighting solutions. Stretch fabric ceilings are unique in more ways than one. They leave a one-inch gap between the existing concrete ceiling and the new stretch fabric. This space is enough to accommodate new wiring from the bases of contemporary lighting fixtures. Whether your room needs multiple LED lights or your kitchen island demands pendant lights, your stretch ceiling installation company should be able to make it happen.

Why is installing lights on stretch fabrics so easy?

Now, you must be wondering how they bypass the building restrictions and install these new lights. Well, that is the beauty of stretch ceilings. Running new wiring for the lighting fixtures and attaching the lighting fixtures require no extensive drilling and digging. No one has to damage the existing concrete or popcorn ceiling or your walls to install the new lights when you have a stretch fabric or PVC ceiling. The entire installation process takes place on the surface of the old ceiling, and the new PVC or fabric layer covers the electric wire network entirely. There is no way of seeing the base of the lights or the wire channels once the stretch ceiling is in place.

Add some personality

Your home may already have fluorescent lights and LED lights, but for most homeowners, that is not enough. Your home should be the reflection of your personality and aesthetics. If it has the same lighting system as your neighbor and his neighbor, it does little justice to the individuality of your house. Your lighting for concrete ceiling needs a touch of customization and personalization. It can be a complex network of LED lights, each with their own dimmer, or it can be the addition of a few new pendant lights that draw the focus on your statement coffee table. If you dream of installing a chandelier above your staircase, no one should stop you. Unless of course, you have a concrete ceiling! 

No digging, no breaking; only lighting

Existing concrete ceilings make it extremely challenging to install heavy dangling lighting fixtures securely without extensive excavation. Especially the hefty lighting fixtures like chandeliers require excellent support that is difficult to find in the old ceilings of the 20th-century apartments and homes in the city. Since the stretch ceilings can cover up the scaffolding of any hanging lighting fixtures and their wiring, they have become the go-to favorites of every homeowner, interior designer and lighting expert across the country. Adding simple overhead lights to any room can transform any gloomy interior to an inviting nook.

Break up cheap lighting and popcorn ceilings

If you live in an apartment or home with a popcorn ceiling, we know how much pain you face with the lighting problem in the house. Popcorn ceilings were not only low-budget solutions, but the lighting fixtures that came with these ceilings were also of poor quality. Popcorn ceilings and poor lighting always go hand in hand in the US. There is no escaping this fact unless you get in touch with stretch ceiling installation experts, who exclusively work with popcorn ceilings. Since they have the expertise, training and years of experience, they can instantly tell you which lighting fixtures would be ideal for which room. Stretch ceilings open the doors to a world of new-age lighting options that were only a distant dream for popcorn ceiling homes.

Low-cost renovation ideas

Do you have a basement or attic that you are planning to turn into an additional bedroom? Before you can think about what to do with the discolored and peeling ceilings, you should talk to an expert about stretch ceilings. People prefer stretch ceiling solutions while renovating unused spaces since it does not add to the cost of renovation, but it allows them to install new overhead lights, crown molding lights, and new wiring without disturbing the existing structure.

What’s the latest in the world of lighting and stretch fabric?

One of the latest products of the interior design world is the backlit ceiling. You may have come across them in your neighborhood shopping mall, conference hall or state-of-the-art office building. A backlit ceiling is nothing but art in architecture. It uses a translucent stretch fabric with panels of light underneath. Without the backlights, the ceiling is conventional and white, but when you switch the lights on, your ceiling can turn into a waterfall of lights, a game of Tetris or the image of a black hole!

Are you ready to give your home the much-necessary makeover? As long as you have the contact of expert stretch ceiling and lighting installation experts, nothing can stop you from bringing the night sky or a tropical canopy home!


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