Top Ideas For a Cozy Backyard

Top Ideas For a Cozy Backyard

If you’re looking for ideas to add cozy touches to your backyard, the first thing we have to say is: lucky you! You will have a wonderful time creating your own personal retreat. There are few pleasures in the world that can compare with the fun of creating your own backyard and garden designs and then bringing them to life.

To start with, you may find it hard to decide between the many different options. Should you add modern fountains for the backyard or a grilling area? A pergola or a picnic table? The best option to identify the kind of space available to you, and the purposes for which you use it most often. Do you use it to relax, for work, entertaining or hang out with family and friends? Any features you add to your backyard should keep these factors in mind.

Creating a Cozy Backyard Space

In the world of real estate, “cozy” is typically code for “small” or “tiny”. But that’s not necessarily a drawback. Most homeowners, and especially city dwellers will take any outdoor space they can get, and cherish it. “Cozy” can also refer to a feeling of safety and comfort, which has no relation to size. For example, a cottage garden epitomizes this feeling without any limitations of space,

Whichever definition of cozy you’re working with, there are many ideas and ways to create your own backyard retreat. These can be aesthetic, such as a fountain, or practical, like an outdoor grill, or a mixture of the two. Many of these are do-it-yourself projects that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are some of our favorites.

Add a Romantic Pergola

A pergola adds a romantic touch to any setting, while also fulfilling some practical functions such as providing shade, seating and a location to work, relax or entertain. You can match nearby plantings as well, such as climbing roses and a large shade tree like a horse chestnut, which has delicious-smelling flowers in the spring.

Water Features are Soothing and Therapeutic

You can add a water feature like a fountain or a small pond to almost any space with enchanting results. There is an almost limitless variety of designs, so finding the right kind of fountain means matching it to the style of your home and garden. Keep in mind that there are certain technical requirements as well when installing a fountain, such as an electric supply for the water aeration system.

Outdoor Grill and Cooking Area

Once you have outdoor seating and a pond or fountain to make it a relaxing and soothing environment, it’s time to turn to that other great necessity of life, and that is food. An outdoor grill is a practical addition and one that you and your family will use for years.


A fire pit is a great focal point for a backyard, and one that’s easy enough to create. Like water, a fire has a hypnotic and calming effect, and you can recreate your campfire days by roasting marshmallows.  And of course, fire keeps you warm. A fire pit will let you enjoy the outdoors even when the weather turns chilly.

De-stress in a Hot Tub

A hot tub is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors, alone or with family and friends. It’s the place to de-stress and unwind, with a glass of wine and a night sky full of stars above.

Pathways Are Decorative and Practical 

Paved pathways leading to various features can be both decorative and practical. They can be paved with brick, stone, pebbles, crushed seashells, wood chips, and many other kinds of materials. If your outdoors turn to mud come October, they have a very practical purpose as well.

Hammocks are Hard to Resist

Hammocks inevitably end up being the favorite seat in the outdoors, so be sure to get one that is large enough to accommodate kids and pets as well.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite cozy touches for your backyard, remember that you can highlight and play up their features with plantings that match the atmosphere you’re trying to create. And while this may not be your primary purpose, all your efforts will also improve the value of your house. A cozy and well-designed backyard will serve as your own personal retreat for many years to come.


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