Safe ways to drive a vehicle

Safe ways to drive a vehicle

When you are driving a vehicle, the utmost priority is to drive safely. It may be with or without passengers or a cargo vehicle; you should only think of reaching the destination without any problem. When you are driving a vehicle, you will come across numerous distractions. So, you should take care to concentrate on driving your vehicle with safety as your main goal.

There is a difference in driving on a highway or inside the city. But for both, the basic rules are the same as only the method of driving changes between both. Inside a city, you have to face pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycles often, and in a highway, it is trucks, cars, and multi-utility vehicles. Always maintain composure wherever you drive and always follow the traffic rules.

When you sit on the driver seat, you should be well aware of the basic rules in giving way for pedestrians and emergency vehicles, maintaining the lane discipline, rules to follow in overtaking. Never try to bypass any rules even when you are in a rush, because when you are involved in an accident, the mistake may not be yours, but the damage is also inflicted for your vehicle. It may even prove to be fatal.

When you drive a vehicle, your safety along with that of your fellow passengers and vehicle should be your priority. When you follow the traffic rules, you can always avoid accidents and reach the destination safely.

Concentrate on Driving

    Focus all your attention driving and avoid trying to do multiple jobs while sitting in the driver’s seat.

    Do not try to use any electronic gadgets like mobile phones or try to operate any equipment in the vehicle other than driving.

    Maintain a controllable speed, so that you can avoid errors of other drivers.

Drive Cautiously

    Keep an eye on what is happening around your vehicle.

    Always be alert in looking for mistakes of other drivers.

    Maintain a distance between yours and the vehicle driving in front of you.

    Be extra cautious when weather condition worsens.

Plan your Driving

    Take sufficient breaks in between your driving schedule for sleep, food and making phone calls.

    Keep your seat, mirrors and other accessories in good condition before you start your journey.

Maintain safety 

    Pack all your cargo safely and avoid stopping your vehicle suddenly, as the driver behind you may not expect this move.

    Keep the much needed and most frequently used items within your reach.

    Wearing your belt is mandatory.

    Always try to drive in a low beam in a congested traffic area and during bad weather conditions.

    Share the driving with a reliable second driver if you need to drive for a long distance.

    If you have children in your vehicle, see to it that you’re not disturbed by their noise and jumping around. Fasten their seat belts at all times.

    Changing lanes on a highway is a very risky affair at high speed and is not allowed; don’t risk it.

    Avoid driving when you are tired.

    Never drive when you are intoxicated.

Maintain Speed Limit

    It is the maximum allowed speed in an area. Driving over the speed limit during bad weather is a cause for many accidents. If it is a thickly populated area, reduce your speed further below the allowed speed limit. Speeding will be dangerous for you, pedestrians and other vehicles.

If you are in an unfamiliar area, be extra cautious with your speed. Do not disturb other drivers by driving in the wrong lane when you are driving too slowly. On a freeway, maintain the ‘slow’ lane if you are driving well below the speed limit and allow other speeding drivers to pass your vehicle.

Say NO to alcohol and drugs while driving

‘Drinking and driving’ is one of the major reasons for road accidents around the world. While driving, do not use any kind of intoxicating materials. When you are drunk, your reaction time slows down and you cannot be alert, which are the pre-requisites of a good driver. Drugs and alcohol lead to major accidents. Drink coffee instead; it will boost your brain. If you are drunk, pull the vehicle over and stay inside it, till you are sobered up.

Safety for passengers and children

All passengers should wear their seat belts properly. Avoid children in the front seat or anywhere near the driver as they may divert concentration. Children should be seated in the middle or on the last seat as it is considered, the safest place for them.

Accidents on road

When you witness an accident, try to help the victims by calling an emergency vehicle and informing the police. Do not just be a mute spectator. If you are involved in an accident, do not try to run away from the place. First, check the safety of all your passengers and other people involved in the accident. Stay calm and call the local police and your insurance provider. Update them when they arrive at the scene. You need to look after your passengers and other accident victims.


A good driver will always understand that there are other vehicles on the road and have to share space with the pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. It is not your road alone, and you have to accommodate other vehicles as well.

Be cautious and show courtesy for people around you. Do not take anything personally and try not to overtake other vehicles, especially on a crowded road. Maintain your basic safety speed and reach the destination safely which should be your ultimate goal. It’s also essential for you to know that drinking alcohol and driving vehicles are against the traffic rules. These traffic rules are not only made for your safety, but also for all the others who are riding, driving or walking around you. You have to make sure that you need to abide by these laws and protect yourself from severe accidents.


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