Travis Cadman – Why Your Garden is Worth The Investment

Travis Cadman - Why Your Garden is Worth The Investment

I could be called a fraud if I were to tell you that I was a property expert or a gardener but I am someone who has recently invested in my garden recently and who has seen the benefits of what it can do. It all started a couple of years ago when I was having a few beers with my neighbor Travis Cadman, a gardener by trade and someone who was full of ideas for my garden. I had always put off spending money on the garden because there seemed to always be more reason to invest inside the house rather than outside. After the chat however I decided to go to a local financial lender and borrow a couple of thousand to invest in the garden, and it turned out to be a very smart move.

Property Value

Something which I had never considered until speaking to Travis was that much of the money which I would eventually invest in the garden would actually be added on to the value of the property. For those seeking homes in the USA they love to have a garden which is ready to be used, and one that looks beautiful. And so after a recent valuation it would appear that over 50% of the money which I invested in the garden has now been added on to the value of the property, a smart move!

Spending Time

Had you asked me a couple of years back whether or not investing in the garden was worthwhile I’d probably have told you that we don’t use that space very much so it wouldn’t be worth it. What I had failed to consider however is that the reason why we didn’t use the space very much was because it looked awful. Since having the garden done we spend so much time out there every day, we eat out there, the kids love throwing a football around and we have even hosted a number of small garden parties. If you are thinking in the same way that I was then just consider what you’d do when you do have a beautiful garden.


If you invest in re-wiring for your property or to update the insulation, the air conditioning or even to get the guest bathroom re-done, it doesn’t really bring you much happiness, sure the jobs need to be done, but happiness isn’t something you’ll get as a result. When you invest in the garden however this is exactly what you’ll get and you’ll feel a real sense of pride and satisfaction when you look out of your window or open up the door. This kind of happiness is hard to come by and it is the biggest reason as to why I would recommend that you should in fact invest money into getting the garden which you’ve always dreamed about.

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