Secrets Of Ranking On Instagram


I often write what happens with Instagram? Why posts do not have likes, views? etc. I will answer you what is happening and how to deal with it. After instagram insertion of the smart tape, the coverage dropped sharply, the ranking of posts changed.

What is it done for:

Increase the engagement of interesting content, reduce the involvement of less interesting content

Instagram is primarily a business that also needs to earn money, so it introduces more and more paid ways to promote it. The involvement has gone down, what to do is pay for the promotion of the post.

Due to the decrease in involvement, the number of likes is declining, and hence the involvement of the post, and also sales for commercial accounts.

In connection with this, a lot of Instagram gurus have appeared, who offer to withdraw your account to Instagram TOP.

After the introduction of a smart tape, Instagram selects an individual TOP, for each user, depending on his behavior in the network (likes, comments, profile views, subscriptions, hashtags left by you, likes rate, publication time, geolocation, how long the application uses how many are online, and many more other criteria).

Therefore, there is essentially no TOP, or rather, as many as there are registered users on the network. Similarly, the case with the Instagram search and the recommended section. I don’t touch TOP by hashtags now.

Like TOP, smart Instagram tape depends on many criteria, and people who subscribe to exactly the same users see their posts in a different order and different users.

When Instagram abandoned the chronological tape, everyone said that he would die, but he did not die. They cried a little and started to figure out what to do and how to get into the tape (remember the boom, “press the bell in the corner”?).

We will not fully know what will be on Instagram, but we can always adapt to the innovation and find a way out.

Instagram developers improve it primarily for users. In this regard, you need to focus on your target audience so that it is interesting to watch, read ..

I propose to focus on your content, of course, you need to do and promotion. But now the content will solve more. Good content usually has a good engagement.

How it works?

Your post is shown, for example, 10% of your audience. Further, the reaction of the audience to the post (likes, comments, etc.) looks, if Instagram analyzing the activity created by your post considers it high, it will show another 10% of the audience, etc. If he considers it low, he will show, for example, another 2% or not at all.

Here only the quality of your content can help, as far as it is interesting, entertaining and useful to your subscribers. Do not forget Call to action, at the end of the entertainment post (request for likes), beat it is interesting.

Therefore, I propose two ways to solve this situation:

Increasing post involvement with other tools – Friendlylikes (this is a paid promotion of your post)

Improving the quality of content, and in connection with this increase in engagement. Come up with interesting contests, promotions, various activities, sway activity in your posts, involve users and you will get the coverage you need.

About other tools that allow to increase the activity and involvement will be discussed in the following posts.



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