Dream Tools for the Handyman in Your House

Dream Tools for the Handyman in Your House

Sure, you may not be a DIY enthusiast. But, even if the level of your handyman skills boils down to hammering a couple of nails, you still require some tools to get the job done correctly. You can find an electrical supply store near you. The next question becomes – where do you start in the seemingly infinite world of tools? Well, this guide will get you sorted.

A Variable Drill Press

A variable speed drill press is one of the best equipment you can add to your home workshop. Unlike its standard, handheld counterpart, it provides more control and flexibility. That way, you can complete your drilling jobs quickly and with precision.  On top of that, you can drill bigger holes at variable depth as per your needs in a breeze. Plus, you can sand and tape holes safely at any angle. Nice!

A Putty Knife

Picture this – you have punched a hole in your drywall by accident. It’s nothing big, but you need to repair it all the same. A putty knife will come in handy when you want to patch up holes. When buying one, make sure that it has an ergonomic handle for a stable grip. Of course, it has to be lightweight to avoid user fatigue.

Wire Cutters

Sure, you may not need to clip wires within your living space. But, if you want to mend or build anything that requires power, you’ll quickly realize that you can’t do it without wire cutters. And, like most items in this collection, it doesn’t look necessary – until it becomes a tool you can’t skip to complete your project.

An Adjustable Wrench

Indeed, a wrench set will make a valuable addition to your toolbox.  However, if you don’t have a lot of storage space, or are scouting for something a little bit more versatile, you can go for an adjustable wrench. Why? Well, because it is a super convenient and speedy device that can tackle a host of tasks from mechanic to plumbing-related.

Double-faced Soft Mallet

A regular hammer is excellent for driving nails. Even then, fixing wooden slats requires something entirely different. A soft mallet offers striking power equivalent to what you get with a standard hammer. And the beauty of it is that it doesn’t leave dents on your surfaces and electrical.

Sand Paper

Really? Yes. Sandpaper is one of the tools any serious handyman should have in their house. It is what you need to give your wood or metal work a glossy finish. Think of it as a tool to enable you to get rid of grits to make your surfaces smooth (or rough) depending on your needs.

Caulking Gun

A caulking gun is ideal for patching up cracks in molding and nail holes. It is also perfect for sealing fissure in your bathroom. And, like a wire cutter, it is a tool that you won’t miss until it becomes an absolute necessity. Put differently, when you need it, nothing else can do the trick.

Duct Tape

If there’s one item that shouldn’t miss in your house, then it’s got to be duct tape. In fact, with enough creativity, it could very well be the ultimate tool. Make sure that you buy the super tough version that’s water resistant. Pick one that won’t break under ultraviolet light if you want to take the ante a notch higher.

Metal File

A metal file is to metalwork what a set of sandpaper or chisels are to woodwork.  More specifically, it is a necessity when you want to clean a messed up soldering job or smooth out sharp angels. Besides, it can double up as a tool sharpener in the absence of a better option.

Wood Saw

A wood saw is a classic tool that’s an absolute must-have in woodworking. And, you don’t have to burn through your wallet to get a high-quality unit. It’s affordable than, say, a chainsaw. Okay, it’s not as quick, but you can count on it every time. Any saw wood saw worth your attention should come with a lifetime warranty.

A Measuring Tape

Ask any handyman, and they’ll tell how essential a measuring tape is to their work.  Put differently; just about any kind of DIY task requires some measuring. That way, you’re accurate with your distance. Choose one with a locking feature for liability. Also, make sure that the outer casing is robust enough to handle the rigor of frequent use.

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See? You need more than a wood chisel set, hacksaw and safety glasses in your toolbox. Skip the frustration – be prepared!


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