Top 8 Best beaches in the world

Top 8 Best beaches in the world

Beaches have always impressed humans. One of the most wonderful creations of nature, beaches have been quite refreshing destinations for travelers. However, picking the best beaches may not be an easy task. And that too picking just five out of them may be like trying to fill an entire ocean into a small pot. However, we have attempted to make our best efforts to achieve it.

The Caribbean or the Indian Ocean or even a few other options, picking the best beaches is something quite a difficult task. We just hope the efforts we have put in have been quite efficient enough.

Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

The Caribbean beach is an excellent stretch of beach that should provide you access to an excellent option for most of the travelers. Of course, getting here can be a huge adventure in itself. It is accessible only after traveling through a bumpy and unpaved road. The beach offers you access to snorkeling around a smaller lay, or if you are feeling more adventurous, you can consider a few underwater sports options.

It is one of the top beaches in the Caribbean. There are a couple of good options to stay. One of the best places to stay can be El Block.

Ipanema Beach, Rio

Brazil is well known for a host of travel attractions. Ipanema Beach is just one of them. Made famous from the movie The Girl from Ipanema, the beach should definitely captivate you with the breath-taking mesmerizing views. It is marked by pale gold sand and emerald peaks. And yes, one of the issues at the location can be the menace of petty thieves. It would be advisable to keep your valuables at your hotel rooms.

Top 8 Best beaches in the world

Tan your skin to your heart’s content and enjoy the views of skimpily clad babes all over the beach. Try visiting Copacabana as well, another wonderful beach nearby.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

The sweeping beach that runs across four and a half mile stretch, the beach is in Queensland’s Whitsunday islands. You can access it through boat, seaplane or helicopter. That would make it a wonderful experience in terms of approach as well.

Top 8 Best beaches in the world

The white silica sand offers you an excellent experience in every right. In fact, the slender and jungle backed beach lays along the Hill Inlet at the north. You can also witness gargantuan sand art created by the tidal waves of the beach.

Trunk Bay Beach, Virgin Islands

If snorkeling is your forte, the Trunk Bay Beach is what you should prefer as one of the best options. In fact, your snorkeling experience is bound to be more interesting with the coral and Technicolor fish. It should be one of the prized traveling experience with the coconut palm lined strands. This is one of the most photographed and beautiful spots you can witness in the Caribbean.

Top 8 Best beaches in the world

The beach also offers you a 225-yard underwater snorkeling trail. The early morning walk will be one of the most tranquil experiences. It is also a popular destination if you are looking for cruise ship options. You can get to Trunk Bay from St John. If you are visiting St Thomas you catch a ferry over to the island. Just check out the St John ferry schedule first.


Located on the Greek island of Zakynthos, the beach is strikingly beautiful and exciting. It is also referred to as the Shipwreck beach because of the wreck of a ship that happened here a few years ago. The beach also witnesses limestone cliffs making it an exciting feeling.

Top 8 Best beaches in the world

You can also enjoy the white sand beaches and clear blue water. The beach can only be accessed by the boat though. Having a look at it through the high side cliffs can be yet another astonishing experience.

Maya Bay Beach, Thailand

The name sounds familiar? Should be. Because it was featured in a host of movies, prominent among them being the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Located in the southern Thailand island of Koh Phi Phi Leh, and can be accessed through a day trip.

Top 8 Best beaches in the world

Approaching the beach through the traditional wooden longtail boat can be another rewarding experience. The beach also offers you an option for snorkeling. However, the beach is quite overcrowded. If you want to enjoy the best beach experience and a photo op experience, it would be a better idea to visit it during the morning. 

Elafonissi Beach, Greece

A true natural wonder, Elafonissi Beach is a great beach located in Crete, Greece. The rippled white and pink sand islets are surrounded by aquamarine lagoons. You can access it only by wading through the sea. Some of the activities you can enjoy here would include swimming and strolling, sunning and snacking.

Top 8 Best beaches in the world

It is one of the beautiful island beaches and offers you a good view of the rock formations and wildflowers. It is a remote location and can be one of the good options to spend a day or two at the resort at the location.

Bondi Beach, Australia

If you are in Sidney and looking to visit the US Virgin Islands? Check out the Hills. Trunk Bay Beach, Virgin Islands the Bondi Beach should be an exceptional choice. It should be one of the best options to enjoy swimming, surfing, soaking in the sun or better still, enjoying the flat white.

Top 8 Best beaches in the world

The beach is home to the Bondi Icebergs pool and is a place where you can start a stroll across the scenic coastal belt. The beach is lined with boutique and cafes and can be a good option to play or spend some time after a hard day’s work.

Those were a few excellent beaches and beach islands you can witness across multiple locations across the globe. Of course, most of your favorite beaches may have failed to find themselves listed here, but it isn’t that easy given the fact that we are choosing just a handful of beaches while there may be more beaches than the land masses. After all, the world is 75 percent water. We have attempted to look for the options across the multiple locations so that we would be covering a wider part of the world.

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