Wear Your Mood: Wardrobe Tips To Help You Feel More Positive

Wear Your Mood: Wardrobe Tips To Help You Feel More Positive

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Spring is well and truly here and the promise of summer is in the air. The days are getting longer, brighter and warmer and the cold, dark nights have finally begun to retreat. However, there are many of us who are still struggling to shake off the vestiges of their winter blues. They just can’t seem to join those around them on the positivity train. On paper, they’re doing all the right things. They’re eating right, getting some exercise in where they can, they may even be making an active effort to smile more… But the fact remains that something deep inside won’t allow them to enjoy the feeling of optimism and positivity that permeates when the sun comes out of hiding.

Perhaps this much-needed change can come from the outside and work its way inward? As any actor will tell you, the clothes you wear make a big difference in how you present yourself to the world (and yourself). Here we’ll look at how you can boost your positivity through your wardrobe….

New wardrobe, new you

The spring season is a time for rejuvenation and renewal, and it’s much harder to feel renewed in your old attire. No matter how much you love that faded and bobbled baggy tee from your college days, every time you wear it you forge a link to your past. While there’s certainly comfort in this, it’s definitely not conducive to feeling like a newer, bolder and more positive version of yourself.

Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some cute new things. Remember, when buying new clothes you should always buy one thing that scares you a little. You may just find that it becomes your new favorite.

Dare to be different

Through your clothing, you can gain a greater sense of your individuality by choosing clothes that suit your unique shape. However, there’s nothing more dispiriting than walking out of a high street store with your new purchase and seeing half a dozen people wearing the same thing. Check out www.fillyflair.com/ for a more boutique online shopping experience with looks you won’t find on the high street. The more your choices give you a sense of individuality the more confidence you will feel.

Bare and be bold

Most of us have some sort of hang-ups when it comes to our bodies. Nonetheless, the more we hide our bodies away from the world, the more we subconsciously begin to see them as something to be ashamed of. Sometimes being bold and baring a little flesh (even if it’s just a shoulder) can help us feel more confident and desirable.

Work with a personal shopper

Finally, clothes have the magical ability to enhance the gifts nature gave us while helping us to feel better about the less flattering parts of our bodies. The right outfit can be the perfect alternative to a nip and tuck (and a darned sight cheaper, too). Sometimes, however, we can need a little help in knowing how to dress for our shape. Personal shoppers are an extremely helpful and surprisingly affordable option for those looking to reinvent themselves through what they wear.


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