8 Tools for Hobby Woodworking

8 Tools for Hobby Woodworking

Woodworking is making things made of wood. Many people love to create different types of household products and carpentry products at home as woodworking can be a lot of fun. Many people start woodworking as a hobby and get so good at it that they can even make usable and even sellable wooden items.

The following are some of the woodworking tools that are needed to take up woodworking as a tool:

Types of Woodworking Tools

Safety Tools

Safety Tools like gloves and safety goggles are essential for woodworking. While working with wood, it is essential to wear gloves designed for woodworking and also goggles to work with tools for shaping and cutting wood to make wooden products. Particles and wooden chips that fly around during the carpentry process can cause harm to people while woodworking thus using safety tools is essential.

Types of Saws

There are different types of saws that are required while adopting woodworking as a hobby. There are different types of saws used in a woodshop. Some of the types of saws that are common tools used in woodworking include hand saws, table saws, hack saws, power saws, chop saws, chain saws, and even circular saws. Different types of saws are required to make different products made at a woodshop by people who like woodworking and adopt it as a hobby.


Different types of drills are needed to be used in making woodshop products. Woodworking requires drills to drill holes of different shapes and sizes in the holes into wood. Drills usually have a rotating cutting tip which is used for making holes and is an important tool in woodworking.

Drum Sanders

Woodworking is a great hobby and many people also like to make wooden flooring for their homes and other establishments with the help of drum sanders. Drum sanders have an abrasive sandpaper roller which sands the wooden tiles and wooden planks that are passed through the roller. Drum sanders smoothen and polish wooden surfaces and are generally used for creating wooden flooring planks made of different types of wood. Drum sanders are heavy equipment and also expensive and people either buy these tool if they are regularly used and rent it if it is only a one time use. In case you are looking to buy a drum sander, you’ll love to read this buyer’s guide.


A few types of levels are needed in the art of woodworking. A level is a tool that indicates a straight horizontal plane. It shows the exact horizontal plane which is parallel to the earth surface. Levels are used for many home projects as well as woodworking projects. Levels ensure that all the items that are made in a woodshop are at right angles and right measurements. Cross check level, digital level, laser level, line level, and mason’s level are some of the types of levels that are available in the market.

Tape Measures

One of the most basic but most important tools for people with the hobby of woodworking is a simple tape measure. One of the key aspects of woodworking is that everything has to be precise with the proper measurements or else the entire proportion of the design can be spoilt. The tape measure is a need for small projects as well as long term projects. There are many types of tapes and some types of tape measures are more suitable than others. Some common types of tape measures used in woodworking include a pocket tape measure, surveyors tape measures, specialty tape measure, key-ring tape measure, and auto-lock tape measures to name a few.

Nails and Screwdrivers

Another essential type of tool needed for woodworking is screwdrivers. The simple work of a screwdriver as the name suggests is screwing and unscrewing nails. Nails are used to holding or joining to wooden pieces or element or a woodshop piece that is being made together. Nails and screwdrivers are essential to different types of carpentry and woodshop projects. Usually, screwdrivers and nails come in different shapes and sizes and people buy a set for their woodshop work. Torque screwdrivers, power electric screwdrivers, and manual screwdrivers are all used in woodworking all over the world.

Layout Square

A layout square is a triangular shaped measuring tool which is used in carpentry and woodworking. It is used as a measurement tool, for etching lines for the purpose of cutting wood. Measurement tools like square layouts are also called a speed square. These speed squares generally come in six inches and 12 inches varieties and carpenters use these types of measuring tools measure and mark lines at 45 degrees and 90 degrees angles. These types of tools are essential for the measurement of wood planks and for cutting wood at proper angles for any type of woodworking project.


Woodworking is a great hobby and people can create different carpentry items with this skill. Men and women are both into woodworking these days and it is a valuable and enjoyable hobby for many. The above-mentioned tools are essential basic tools required in woodworking all over the world.


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