3 Tips to Keep Your Workstation Creative and Organized

3 Tips to Keep Your Workstation Creative and Organized

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If you have to rummage through a heap of documents in your office to pick the one you need, your workstation is probably in need of a major revamp!

Your workplace is a reflection of who you are as an employer. It also tells a lot about how committed you are towards your work in terms of quality. In other words, your workstation is the very first impression of you. And we suggest you to already up to your game so that it does not get ruined.

Let’s discuss how you can put together your office, that too with a dash of creativity.

1. Purge and Sort
This is the first step of the ladder to an organized workstation! Purging tells you what stuff needs to be there in your office and what needs to be discarded on immediate grounds. While you purge, make sure to do one area at a time so that everything goes systematically. 

Move on to sort the items in categories once purged. First and foremost, start with alphabetically arranging each item. This will give you an edge to labeling them later on. Now that you are done with the order, this is where you can add that streak of creativity. Let’s see how!

Use Boxes and Containers
Storing comes after sorting, and in this regard, boxes truly are saviors! Storing stuff in plastic boxes and containers is probably the most efficient way to organize office stuff.

Ensure that you have these containers and boxes in a variety of sizes as well as one with compartments to make the whole process as seamless as possible. Set these varied sized boxes up in an aesthetic way.

Apply Color Coordination
Incorporating a proper color code for labeling these boxes and containers is a great way to add a pop of color in an otherwise boring setting of an office. Also, color is recognized much faster than plain text.

Sit and devise a color scheme to denote each of the boxes, folders, and drawers, and categorize accordingly. This will instill a habit of keeping the items in the right place. The office space will be super neat and clean. 

For example, a storage space with a blue label could be set aside for documents with all sorts of financial records. Similarly, anything which demands urgent attention could be kept under a red label. Other than this, color coding is a sheer visual delight!

2. Add a Bit of Your Personal Touch
An organized workstation does not mean it becomes a space too sterile. You can always add a little piece of you at your workstation. It could be anything reflecting your persona — be it a photo frame or simply a piece of office furniture of your choice, highlighting your taste and preference. 

3 Tips to Keep Your Workstation Creative and Organized

Source: Pexels

In addition to this, design your office in such a manner that it fuels motivation and sparks inquisitiveness. No one likes to work in a dull setting.

Install Cork-Based Walls
With a cork-based wall, comes countless creative possibilities. It depends on you how you make use of it. You can use it to further add quirkiness to your office by pinning photos or decor. Other than this, you can even pin documents on it to brainstorm project ideas or notes serving as important reminders. Feel free to use it as a decor or an ideal space.

Another creative way could be to use this wall to put up some frames bearing motivational quotes. It will serve as decor and food for thought for the day.

Add a Gathering Space
Make sure to have a common spot designed within the office, meant specifically for folks to gather and collaborate. This will nurture the work-based relationship and make the ambiance friendlier and welcoming.

Set up a coffee machine alongside to generate cool vibes so that work does not seem like a daunting task. Try and make the environment as atypical as possible!

3. Go Green
As humans,  we have this desire to be around nature. As per a research, being around plants in a workstation boosts productivity and reduces the stress levels greatly. Placing plants will indeed prove to be a fresh breath of air.

3 Tips to Keep Your Workstation Creative and Organized

Source: Pexels

It will add pretty much everything to your workstation — freshness, vibrancy and healthy air. The overall coziness will definitely make the work easy for you to carry out.

So What Sort of Plants Can Be Placed at Workplace?
To begin with, air plant terrarium is a good choice. They can be that pop of color you have been looking for in your workstation. These are low-maintenance plants. Succulents are another low-maintenance option and quite durable. Most importantly, they do not take much space.

For a bit of luck and aesthetics, a unique arrangement of bamboo plants could be kept. Talking about aesthetics, even potted colored orchids can contribute in making your workstation a visual delight. In addition to this, mini potted plants such as peace lily or weeping fig could be added too. The overall look will come off as really organized yet creative!

Purple Amethyst Air Plant is another most sought after desktop piece. Also, the purple amethyst could be used as a paperweight too. These plants are probably the most cubicle-friendly options out there in the market.

Let’s explore some other unique options.

Aquaponic Fish Tanks
This is one creative solution. It serves as a two-in-one unique solution, having both plants and fish. The plant purifies the water for the fish while the fish helps in the fertilization of the plants.  Doesn’t it make one valuable addition into the workspace? 

This can prove to be one durable choice. Also, they are really easy to keep alive in addition to the fact that they are not at all high maintenance.


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