How difficult is to build a backyard chicken coop

How difficult is to build a backyard chicken coop

Like every other pet animal, chickens too need proper care and nourishment for their perfect rearing. If you are thinking of creating the perfect backyard coop for keeping chickens, it can be a difficult task if you are not aware of the fundamental features of woodworking. The foremost need is to have an elaborate plan regarding the formation of the coop. The number of chickens to be kept, the space to be allotted for their stay and various such factors must be considered before you try your hand for the coop formation. One thing that must be kept in mind is that there should be sufficient space for the chickens to roam about freely inside the coop and they should not feel congested like other chickens do inside the poultry farms.

One difficulty about making such coops is that one needs to be quite proficient in predicting the dimensions of the room required for keeping the total number of chickens.

Below some DIY ideas are provided which will help you in creating a backyard chicken coop all by yourself:

  1. Fix on a proper coop size: It has been seen that around 4 square-feet area is sufficient for one chicken to thrive in the coop comfortably. So, the number of chickens multiplied by the given area will give you the approximate measurement of the space required for keeping all your chickens. This is one of the most helpful free DIY chicken coop plans that will help you in creating a successful coop for the chickens. A small space will make the coop dirty, smelly and the chickens will not get a hygienic environment for their growth.
  2. Location of the backyard: The coop should be chosen in such a place of the backyard which is airy, has free and adequate access to sunlight but at the same time is not excessively hot. Sunlight and air are natural disinfectants and kills the germs and thus, proper access to these two natural resources can make the coup a happy and hygienic place for the chickens. This is again one of the easiest among all the free diy chicken coop plans which can help you.
  3. Some other features of the coop: An ideal coop must have some features like a box where the chickens will lay and hatch their eggs as they cannot lay eggs on the floor. At least one medium-sized box will be sufficient for two eggs to lay eggs and thus, plan the number of boxes according to the number of chickens. Proper feeding and watering options should also be present so that the chickens stay healthy
  4. Few other necessities: Chickens do not sleep on the floor; they are fond of perch for sleeping. Ample access to dust is also mandatory as chickens roll on dust to keep themselves clean and healthy. Proper sunlight as discussed earlier, is ideal for enhancing the production of eggs. This is one of the best free DIY chicken coop plans to follow.

Few other plans for building your ideal chicken coop

  1. Urban style coop: This kind of coop has a contemporary urban look and is ideal for a small number of chickens. If you have a big space to experiment with, this is the most attractive walk-in chicken coop plan to follow.
  2. Palace style coop: This kind of coop has a royal and gaudy look to it and provides ample space to the chickens. If you have a spacious backyard, you can go for this style of chicken coop.
  3. Free coop: This kind of coop can be built with the remnants or leftover wood, lumber or other parts of furniture making. Easy to make, cost-efficient and nice to look at, this pattern of coop is the best walk in chicken coop plan within your budget and affordability.
  4. Coop made with wire: For the specific breed of chickens termed as bantam, this uniquely designed coop is the ideal choice. It occupies very little space and the coop made with wood and later wrapped in wires give it a unique and appealing look and is undoubtedly the most unique walk in chicken coop plan for you to follow.
  5. PVC chicken coops: PVC is cost-effective and cheaper than wood and is also easy to install. This is one of the easiest to build DIY plan for creating the coop.
  6. Large-designed coop: For backyards which are spacious, this pattern and style of coop can be the ideal choice. This kind of coop can be an ideal choice if you have plenty of chickens.
  7. Simple style chicken coop: If you are not too serious about the coop and just need some space for keeping few chickens, for getting eggs and meat, you can go for this simple-styled coop that is neither expensive nor very difficult to build.
  8. Feather factory styled coop: This type of coop is a bit expensive, compared to the other types of coops. The most unique feature about this coop is that it is well-ventilated, airy and thus hygienic, making a comfortable and healthy environment for the chickens to thrive in. Once built, this type of coop stays the same and intact for years to come and thus, it is undoubtedly a lifetime investment.
  9. Small house coop: This type of coop is also well-ventilated and has all the features inside to keep the chickens mostly indoor. This type of coop is an ideal choice in areas with a warm and temperate climate. The chickens staying here do not have to go outside in the sunlight during the daytime as all the amenities are present inside the coop itself.

Thus, following the above-mentioned DIY ideas can help you make the most ideal coop for your chickens in the backyard. Although it might seem difficult initially, following these simple tips will help you create the coops without any problem or hardship. Seeking advice help or following the tips from a friend or neighbor can also help you in creating the best coop for your chickens.


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