College Days: Finding Your Groove

College Days: Finding Your Groove

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Freedom!  You have finally graduated High School and are ready to take on the big world of living life on your own.  With it comes a lot of responsibilities, but also the opportunity to breathe on your own and grow up. Unfortunately, at times, college can provide huge distractions that could deter you from focus.  What can you do to make sure that your money is being well spent on the education you signed up for?

Become Immersed in the University

Understand the culture and life of your University.  Don’t just hang out with your roommates. Get to know your professors, counselors, and people who share common interests as you, especially when it comes to your Major.  These resources will be the perfect outlets to turn to when the going gets tough.

Stress Management

Nobody knows you better than yourself, so trust your instincts.  If you feel stressful situations arising, brainstorm ways that you can help manage that stress.  Go to the gym, listen to music, go to a dog park, or just take a few minutes to meditate and reconnect with yourself.  Don’t let little situations get overblown. Focus on the here and now and control what you can control.

Avoid Distractions

Don’t put yourself in situations in which you are going to get easily distracted.  If you know that studying in your room will cause you to get continuously sidetracked, make it a point to head to the library.  If you know that your phone and connecting through Social Media eats up a lot of your time, shut off your phone for an hour to give your school work the full attention that it needs.  Think about how much money is being spent on your education. Don’t waste it.

It is vital to keep the big picture in mind while not getting stressed at the same time.  It may take you a few years to decide exactly what you want to do once your college career comes to an end, but once you do, research the necessary steps to land that job and prepare ahead of time.  Take advantage of the professionals who work in the industry for the guidance needed so that you don’t have culture shock after receiving that diploma. Research different advice blogs like How to find a job straight out of college and hear from people who have experienced what you are about to go through.

Finally, make sure you find the right university for you.  Don’t have regrets after the fact. If you envision yourself in the medical field and love the feel of the ocean, you may want to consider a Caribbean Medical University, or maybe you want to work with animals and may want to consider Top Veterinary Schools and set your sights high.  And, if you don’t have a plan as of yet, that’s perfectly fine.  Just be sure to find a school that can lead you to the path you may want to take someday and don’t let any obstacles stop you.  




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