Keeping the spark alive in your marriage – tips on a healthy relationship

Keeping the spark alive in your marriage – tips on a healthy relationship

The majority of couples usually deal with a stage in their relationships where the excitement seems to have disappeared, and their passion isn’t as constant as it used to be. Maintaining your relationship healthy means more than getting along, and still being passionate about one another even after years of being together, plays a critical role here. Anyone who is in a happy marriage can admit that a lot of work is required to keep things pleasant and fulfilling. The risk of dealing with a dull and stale marriage always exists, and that’s why you are recommended to adopt the right solutions in order to bring some vitality and newness back into the relationship before you and your significant other let routine and lack of passion completely take over. There are various great methods you have the possibility of trying, which can do wonders in terms of rekindling the spark:

Revive the activities that helped you fall in love when you were dating

Think about how your interactions used to look like when you first started dating. What type of activities did you usually engage in on dates? What brought you closer together in the first place? While some couples strengthen their bond by traveling together, others share a common hobby, which helps them stay connected. You should treat your relationship even after you are already married as you used to when you were still getting to know each other. Going on long romantic walks, trying out new restaurants or going to the movies are a few examples of activities that are usually included in the initial phase of dating and reintroducing them could induce the feelings you experienced then once again.

Communicate openly about sex

Great communication skills stand at the base of any hearty, long-term, happy relationship, and when it comes to keeping the spark alive, being able to talk freely about your preferences in the bedroom can matter more than you think. A healthy sex life is critical, and both you and your partner should be fully aware of what the other likes and dislikes in terms of sex. Express your thoughts, make suggestions and get your partner to open up in this department as well. When you are able to talk about anything sex-related, you’ll avoid dealing with a passionless sex life.

Keeping the spark alive in your marriage – tips on a healthy relationship

Experiment with sex toys

As compatible as you and your partner might be when it comes to sex, passion can slowly fade in a long-term relationship, and you might often deal with problems in the bedroom. Trying out new things is a priority here, and you have plenty of options available that can change your perspective on marriage sex. While you might not be completely comfortable with the idea of using sex toys, these can actually have a big impact on your sex life in general, adding excitement and newness to your relationship. You’ll discover a wide array of fun and interesting items, so you have the freedom to try out different elements, before finding ones that actually work for you and your partner personally. Wearing a pair of remote control vibrating panties during foreplay or using a g-spot vibrator during sex are two examples you should consider trying for yourself. The right sex toy can truly make intercourse more exciting, which will naturally bring the two of you closer together.

Be more spontaneous

Whether it’s going on an unplanned weekend getaway somewhere or surprising your spouse with a romantic dinner in the middle of the week, you should understand that spontaneity plays an important role in maintaining a relationship passionate and thrilling. After years of marriage, dealing with monotony and routine is normal, so you need to become more aware of the state your relationship is in and to go the extra mile and use your creativity to resurface your spontaneous side. Talk to your partner about it, decide that both of you should do their part in surprising the other, whether it has to do with your sex life or your relationship in general. Even doing as little as recreating your first date, surprising your partner with a new lingerie set or spending a night at a hotel can actually have a positive influence on your current marital status. Routine can be broken only through spontaneity, so it’s time to explore this side of you to the fullest.

Keeping the spark alive in your marriage – tips on a healthy relationship

Show your partner appreciation and consideration

Taking the actions of your partner for granted could be one of the reasons why your relationship has recently reached an unfulfilling stage. When you are not appreciative of their efforts, their interest in maintaining this marriage healthy and thrilling will soon start to gradually fade away. Regardless if you have been together for 5 years of 15, you should still focus on showing them how much you appreciate their presence and effort with every chance you get. This will not only make your spouse feel good but will also determine them to continue “spoiling” you. Whenever they do something nice for you, even if it’s as small as bringing you snacks when you are watching TV, show them you are grateful for their involvement. Appreciation is often linked to passion, it helps maintain a strong connection that fosters the love spark between you two. Being considerate of their feelings is also advised here. Although your significant other might be the one you vent to about all your problems, you should show your consideration from time to time and maintain your moods in-check when you are around them.

As much as you love your spouse, when it seems like your relationship isn’t as thrilling as it used to be when you first got together, perhaps you should think of a few ways to bring your passion back. Healthy relationships are usually the ones in which a spark still exists, and things might not always come naturally in this department, so it’s up to you to resort to certain techniques that can bring a positive change in your couple’s life. The suggestions mentioned here have proven to work great for others and might bring you the results you desire.


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