The Only Guide You Need To Achieve A Flawless Smile

The Only Guide You Need To Achieve A Flawless Smile

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Dentists all over the world have reported an increase in the number of patients seeking advice about cosmetic dentistry, and online searches for services like adult braces and tooth whitening have skyrocketed in the last few years. A beaming, flawless smile has long been a sign of beauty, good health, and youthfulness, but in the age of the selfie, it seems to be a must-have for many. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your smile and keep your pearly whites in check or if you are looking to replace with implants through someone such as this Phoenix periodontist, this useful guide is all you need.

Dental care tips

The best way to look after your teeth and gums is to adopt a thorough daily oral hygiene regime. Surveys suggest that many people don’t brush their teeth twice a day, with a lack of time the most commonly used excuse. Both decay and gum disease are preventable illnesses, which can be kept at bay by devoting just a few minutes a day to oral care.

When you’re brushing, use a brush with a small head, which you can move right into the corners of your mouth to cover every single tooth, and opt for an electric toothbrush. You don’t have to go all-out and blow the budget on a fancy device with all the bells and whistles to achieve a good clean. Even basic electric toothbrushes do a great job of removing debris and preventing the formation of plaque. Brush every surface of every tooth, and set a timer. If you don’t have a brush that has an inbuilt 2-minute timer, brush along to a song or set an alarm on your phone. It’s important to be thorough when you brush, but take care not to brush too firmly, as this can damage the enamel. Be gentle. If you have an electric brush, all you need to do is hold the handle and guide the brush around your teeth. You don’t need to put in any extra effort.

In addition to twice-daily brushing, it’s also beneficial to floss or use interdental brushes on a daily basis. Brushing is an incredibly effective cleaning technique, but it cannot clean the gaps between the teeth, and this is where flossing and interdental cleaning come in handy. Using these methods, you can target the tiny gaps between the teeth and the gum line to prevent plaque buildup.

The Only Guide You Need To Achieve A Flawless Smile

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Routine dental visits

Did you know that going to the dentist on a regular basis can reduce your risk of developing caries and gum disease by up to 60 percent? If you haven’t been to the dentist in the last 12 months, why not pick up the phone and make an appointment? Dental check-ups take just a few minutes, but they can have a dramatic impact on your oral and general health. When you sit in the dental chair, your dentist will check for signs of decay, gum disease and oral cancer, and they’ll also make sure that there are no other potential abnormalities or symptoms that may indicate underlying health problems, for example, type 2 diabetes. Dental phobia is one of the most common phobias, affecting up to 1 in 10 adults. If you are afraid of going to the dentist, talk to your dentist in advance. Dentists today have advanced training in caring for nervous patients, and they can use techniques and treatments that are designed to promote comfort, speed up the treatment process and eliminate pain. Sedation is a popular option for nervous patients who need complex treatment, and some offices are even offering services like VR and hypnotherapy.

The Only Guide You Need To Achieve A Flawless Smile

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Most of us know that sugar is bad for our teeth, but there are lots of products and food items, which are marketed as healthy alternatives to candy and fizzy drinks, that can be damaging to our health. Shop-bought smoothies, for example, may seem like a healthy choice, but if you look closely at the labels, you may find that the sugar content is similar to a can of cola. It’s crucial to bear your diet in mind when you’re trying to look after your teeth and gums. The amount of sugar you consume should be a concern, but the frequency with which you eat is also key. This is because of the bacteria in your mouth feed when you eat. This causes them to produce acids, which weaken the enamel. If you snack throughout the day and graze between meals, this means that your enamel is under attack continually, and the hard coating cannot remineralize. Try and stick to three main meals, and if you do get hungry, opt for foods that are sugar-free and have a high pH. Raw carrots are a good example.

We often focus on foods that cause problems for our teeth, but it’s also important to consider how your diet can benefit your oral health. There are several foods that are packed with nutrients and minerals that facilitate good dental health. Examples include dairy products, leafy green vegetables, pulses and seeds, nuts, raw vegetables, tea, and oily fish. Dentists also recommend chewing sugar-free gum for up to 2 minutes after eating. This helps to cleanse the mouth and neutralize acids by increasing saliva production. It can also reduce the risk of bad breath if you’ve eaten foods with strong flavors or odors.

The Only Guide You Need To Achieve A Flawless Smile

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Enhancing your natural smile

Not all of us are blessed with selfie-worthy smiles, and cosmetic dental treatment is becoming more popular year on year. If you don’t have a flawless smile, there are lots of ways you can enhance the natural look of your smile and address imperfections. Here are some solutions you can consider if you long for perfect pearly whites:

Orthodontic treatments

When you hear the word braces, what kinds of images pop into your head? Many of us will imagine cumbersome, metal train-tracks like those sported by Ugly Betty in the noughties. The truth about braces is that they have come a long way in a relatively short space of time. Clunky, uncomfortable appliances have been replaced by sleek, discreet braces that can produce results in weeks, rather than years. If you have crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth, or you have an underbite or an overbite, you may be surprised at the range of options open to you. Braces are often recommended for teens, but more and more adults are choosing to have treatment. You only have to look at sites like My Ortho Select to see just how advanced modern orthodontic treatment is. Dentists use precision techniques and cutting-edge technology to align the teeth rapidly with minimal stress and inconvenience, and patients have multiple treatment options. If you’re worried about looking cool or you need to maintain a certain image for work purposes, you don’t have to opt for traditional fixed braces. You can choose removable braces, invisible braces, or even fixed braces that are attached to the back of your teeth. Orthodontic treatment has incredible benefits for the look of the smile, but it can also boost confidence, improve oral hygiene and health and enable you to speak more clearly.

The Only Guide You Need To Achieve A Flawless Smile

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Tooth whitening

Even if you clean your teeth religiously, you might find that they have a slightly yellow tinge. General wear and tear and eating certain foods can accelerate discoloration, and some people have naturally whiter enamel than others. If you dream of a pristine white smile, there are several tooth whitening options available. You can buy kits and whitening products in stores, but by far the best option is to visit your dentist and ask about professional whitening systems. These treatments are tried and tested, they produce much better results, and you can enjoy peace of mind that you’ll be in safe hands. You can choose from in-chair or at-home treatments, and you should notice results within an hour for express services or within 2 weeks for home-based therapies. Whiter teeth can make you look more youthful and attractive, and you may also find that you feel more confident when your smile is on show.

Missing teeth

Missing teeth can contribute to dental health issues, as well as affecting the look of the smile and your self-confidence. The good news is that there are some brilliant treatments available to fill gaps and restore the smile to its former glory. Dental implants are an effective long-term solution, while bridges and dentures are a cheaper alternative, which can achieve results in a matter of weeks. Your dentist will be able to help you weigh up the pros and cons and decide which option is best for you.


If you want a red carpet-worthy smile, veneers may be the treatment for you. Veneers are ultra-light, delicate ceramic shells, which are placed over the natural teeth to create a flawless new smile. There are many different types of veneers available, and treatment usually takes around 2-3 weeks.

The Only Guide You Need To Achieve A Flawless Smile

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How do you feel when you look in the mirror, or you scroll through photos of yourself on your phone? If you don’t have a perfect smile, don’t let this get you down. There are myriad ways you can improve the look of your smile and increase your confidence.


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