You Sleep Long Enough at Night But Still Feel Tired After You’re Awake. What’s Wrong?

You Sleep Long Enough at Night But Still Feel Tired After You're Awake. What's Wrong?

A lot of people wait for the weekend to get enough sleep. They stay in bed long hours, yet still, feel tired in the morning. It isn’t something one can ignore since fatigue’s symptoms include headache, muscle pain, irregular heartbeat, impaired memory and concentration, sore throat, etc. Exhausted people are more likely to be irritated, low motivated and have decreased appetite. According to the latest statistics, around 30% of fatal road accidents involve driver fatigue.

If you can’t think of anything that might account for your morning fatigue or have experienced weight loss or think you are depressed, it is necessary to make an appointment with your doctor. Only professional can determine the nature of your problem and prescribe the right medication for you.

There are many different possible causes of your problem. Find the most common ones listed below. Sometimes even slight changes in your behavior can help improve the situation. Waking up full of energy is possible!


According to experts in Memoryfoamtalk, depression can cause trouble sleeping. You can wake up during the night and not even realize it. Most of the times, it is a vicious cycle: a state of low mood leads to poor sleep quality which in turn affects your mood not in a good way.

Besides excessive daytime sleepiness, other symptoms of depression include reduced self-esteem, feeling of hopelessness, unexpected weight loss or weight gain, decreased libido and occasional thoughts of suicide.

Consider seeing the therapist if you think depression could be the reason for your tiredness. Also, you can create a calming bedtime routine and improve your bedroom environment. Use your bed only for sex and sleep. If you want to talk on the phone, watch movies or eat, do it elsewhere. Keep your bedroom dark and fresh at night. The temperature of your bedroom shouldn’t be more than 18ºC. If it is warm outside, feel free to leave the windows open for the whole night. Outdoor air is less toxic than indoor air.

Lack of exercise

Some people mistakenly think that physical activity can make them tired. The truth is somewhat different; it leaves you more energized and helps sleep better. If you start exercising at least a few times per week, your body will work better overall. There is no need to work out for hours every day in the gym or run 15 miles after work. You can go for a long walk after dinner, actively clean your apartment or take stairs instead of the elevator. It should be your daily routine. Later on, it will be easier to wake in the morning, and you will feel less stressed. More than that, regular exercise can improve the immune system and boost your self-esteem.

Being dehydrated

Fatigue is one major symptom of dehydration. When human is dehydrated, their blood pressure drops and it leads to decreased blood flow to the brain which makes them feel sleepy. You should keep your fluid levels topped up especially during the summer when it is hot at night. To do so, drink at least 2 liters of clear water during the day. Important to mention, that drinking coffee, tea or any soft drink isn’t the same as water. You should drink some water before you go to sleep (1 glass will be enough). Don’t forget to drink water in the morning. It will help you wake up and, in most cases, it works better than coffee.

Bad habits

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to drinking and smoking before going to sleep. For instance, smokers can’t leave their bodies without another dose of nicotine for a long time. That’s where the habit of ‘last smoke’ before the bed comes from. It can also be another cause of your fatigue in the morning. Smokers have less oxygen in the lungs. It means that muscles, brain and other systems don’t get enough oxygen and it makes you feel tired all the time. It is recommended to avoid smoking at least 3 hours before going to bed.

The same story with alcohol. Some people drink to sleep better, but it only makes the situation worse. The glass of wine can cause snoring, perspiration, frequent urination and increased heart rate. Your body needs water, not alcohol that will disturb your body’s regular sleep cycle.

Bedroom environment

You might suffer from fatigue during the day because of one little detail. For example, it is too loud at night (maybe you share the bed with a snorer), or your mattress isn’t comfortable enough. You should make sure you feel fantastic in your bedroom. For instance, you can spray the smell of lavender, vanilla or jasmine next to your bed.


How long do you spend at home, in the office and your car? Most probably, you are in ‘the box’ longer than outdoors. The bad news is that lack of exposure to daylight can also be the cause of tiredness. You might feel it especially strong during cold dark winter days. In this case, you will need to take a vitamin D supplement to get back into the game.

Another medical reason for fatigue is the lack of iron. So, try to eat more products that contain it — for example, nuts, seeds, fortified cereals, green vegetables, and beans. You can also take a supplement.

Mobile phone overuse

Using your phone before going to bed can make you feel tired. Even though it is a well-known fact, a lot of people keep doing it. Quite possibly, you also read this article in the middle of the night. The thing is that all electronics trigger hormone that is responsible for keeping you awake. The worse part is that most of the times you can’t even realize it because you can hardly distinguish the stages of your sleep.

Sleep disorder

If you try different treatments but nothing works, consider getting checked out for sleep inertia. In simple words, it is when you have a headache after waking up. If you get up but can’t resist the temptation of going back to sleep, it looks like sleep inertia. Make an appointment with your doctor to learn more about it.


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