How To Plan A Great Proposal

How To Plan A Great Proposal

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When it comes to a perfect proposal, many people think that it has to be this over the top experience that is shown in movies. However, in reality, it’s a very personal moment between two people that should be shared in a way that means something to you both.  If you want to do it in public then you should do that, but if you also want to make it private then you can do that too, and it can still be as magical as a proposal that’s done underneath the Eiffel Tower, or whether it’s in the place you had your first date – it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s something that you both remember for the right reasons, so in this post we are going to share with you how to plan a great proposal that you’ll never forget.


Pick the location:


The location is definitely an important part of a proposal, and it should be a place that is significant to you and your partner, so for example if you had your first date in a restaurant that you both really like then you could choose that as a place where you can propose, or if you know that your partner loves a place, for example, a beautiful nature spot, then you could also choose that place to do your proposal – it really doesn’t matter where the place is as long as it’s somewhere that’s special to you both.


Choose a ring:


Obviously, the ring is a big part of the proposal, so it should be something that you take some time to shop around for.


This doesn’t mean that you need to spend all the money that you have on a ring because it’s not about the cost, but more about the thought that goes into it and finding something that suits your partner and that you know that they would treasure forever.


If you’re struggling to shop for a ring on your own because you don’t really know what you’re looking for then you could also ask a friend or family member – preferably female or someone who knows your partner very well to come along and help you find a ring and shop for spectacular engagement rings for your better half.

Enlist some planning help:


Planning a proposal takes some effort, so it’s always good to have some help on hand that you can rely on, and this means that whether it’s taking advice on what kind of ring you should buy, how the proposal should look, or even asking for people to help you with planning to take your partner to the location where you plan to propose, then it’s always just a good idea to have some people who are in on the proposal and know what’s happening so that they can help you plan and surprise your partner with the perfect proposal.


Have some take photos:


Nowadays we live in a world where people are taking pictures of everything, so why not use those pictures to be able to capture one of the most special moments of you and your partner’s lives with having someone document this moment through taking pictures or even a video? Since you want to be present during this moment and not be focused on taking pictures then it’s a good idea to have someone else take them – this can either be a stranger who’s in the area at the time or you can ask someone you trust or even hire a professional photographer to do this for you.


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