4 Types of Clutter and What It Means

4 Types of Clutter and What It Means

We are all guilty. No matter how spick and span your living space looks, there is at least one. There is at least one item that you’re saving for a special occasion that might happen. In the spirit of spring cleaning, a spring cleaning schedule as to how to go about clutter is good but if you’re already done then this is what you should follow.

There is at least one item that you’ve never used but had for years. There is at least one clutter item that you’ll keep until the end of the world because of that one time it meant something. But… it always starts with one.

We need to be able to identify the clutter in our lives and truly understand why it has become an object of need and usefulness, to an object of desperation and space. We need to be able to identify our true wants and needs rather than trying to justify an object’s place in the world.

“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.” – Plato

So, let’s get wealthy.

The first type of clutter that we need to identify is the, “I might use it” clutter. The devil’s advocate is peering at you questioning, “Will you? Will you really?” The most likely answer is no. No, you won’t. If you haven’t used it already, then the probability of you actually using it now is very low, and it’s just something that you’ll have to accept.

You won’t use it. Toss it in the garbage.

The second type of clutter is a bargain clutter. The stuff you bought because the price was just too good to let up. Whether it be a beautiful pen that only cost $1 or a top that you got for 50% off. It’s the bargain that got you and now that beautiful pen is sitting in a pen holder with many superior pens, and that top is in the deep depths of your drawers.

The deal wasn’t worth it. Throw it away.

The third type of clutter that’s worth identifying is abundance clutter. The stuff you just have way too much of. You bought 2 cans of tomato sauce, not realizing you already have 7 more at home. And to make matters worse, 4 of the ones you already have are expiring in 1 month. Are you really going to eat 4 cans worth of tomato sauce in 4 weeks? Your tongue will hate you.

Too much investment for too little return. Get rid of it.

The last type of clutter is sentimental clutter. Now, getting rid of this is much more difficult than getting rid of something with no sentimental value. It means something to you. At one point in time, this held the utmost importance. I can tell you now that this object does not hold the memory, you do. The only one that has sentimental value, is you.

The object matters to you. You don’t matter to the object.

Rent a dumpster for all your cleaning needs. Make it therapeutic. Once it’s in the dumpster – there’s no need for it anymore. Start with that one item. That one item that made it difficult to stop. That one item that is the reason why you have no space for yourself or your thoughts. Identify that one item that’s stopping you from thriving! Start living with less, and live wealthy.


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