10 things brides forget to do before the wedding

10 things brides forget to do before the wedding

Author: Ines Marinho

Only someone who is about to get married or got married already knows how challenging can be to organize this celebration. The fact that it should be, for many people, the perfect day and event, turns things more complicated to manage. We all know that reaching perfection might be hard, but not impossible. Nevertheless, before trying to reach your dream wedding, make sure you don’t forget some common tasks that are needed to take care of, but often forgotten by the bride and groom.

     1. Don’t forget your marriage license

This is the start for you to get married and making it official. Check with the jurisdiction of where your wedding is taking place about the deadlines and details for applying to a marriage license. There might be some large amount of procedures you need to take care of before the big day. Having time and stress-free days is also important to keep your mental and physical health proper. Start gathering the documentation as soon as you can and don’t worry another second about it.

     2. The vendor meals are a must

Remembering that the people that are working for you also need to eat, is important. Photographers, videographers, planners, assistants, kitchen staff and band members should be included in your caterer list. You are expected to give the final guest list within a week ahead from the special day, so don’t forget people who are involved in the wedding, not as guests but as workers.

     3. Favors

It is not mandatory for you to offer souvenirs to your guests. However, it is nice to at least give them something to show your gratitude for their presence on this important day in your life. Take some time to think about the favors and, maybe, do it yourself. There are couples who prefer to make these souvenirs themselves, either because they are handcrafts masters or either because it is personal or cheaper.

     4. The guestbook and pens

The wedding day happens faster than a horse race. The newlywed couple will always be busy, and time will fly. For the big weddings, there are chances that the broom and bride can’t speak to everyone. For this scenario, you can provide the guests with a book where they can write their best wishes or share with you the special moments they witnessed at your wedding. To write on it, guests should also have pens, which is something that can totally run out of your mind. But not anymore! Take the books and remember, they need to write on it.

     5. Invitation suite

Photographers will ask you for this, so you better prepare yourself. Pack at least one full pack of all the invitations related to the wedding and take it to your wedding day. Put them in a beautiful frame and let the image professionals work on their art.

     6. The cake knife and toasting glasses

When packing the items for the reception, remember to take with you the knife and toasting glasses for the cake moment. Keep the original package, if possible, to avoid breakage.

     7. Technology chargers

The wedding day is the day you can’t afford to forget to charge your phone. Even though you are not going to use that much, it might be needed for some last moment need or to take some pictures you will keep with you forever. As soon as you leave for the honeymoon, it is also advised to have a full battery, so no forgetting these.

     8. Passport and identification

Is your honeymoon overseas? Be sure you have your passport, identification and driving license with you. Likewise, be certain they are still valid. Airport security will never let you get on a plane with expired identification, plus it is not safe for you to carry invalid documents.

     9. Thank you notes

All of your loved ones, family, friends, colleagues were there to witness this incredible day. Some of them have been helping you since the beginning to reach all of your dream requests. There is nothing better than all of these to share the happiest moments in life. Carve 15 minutes each day to write personal thank you notes and show to others your love and gratitude.

     10. Reviews to your wedding professionals

Many professionals have hard work to make your day the most amazing one, as you wanted. Taking time to write online reviews and compliments to their skills and work is often forgotten. However, to their careers, it is important and it will only take some time of your day. For future brides, your testimony might be decisive, so why not help others? Take your time to enjoy your newly couple life and write a simple thank you to them within six months after your wedding.


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