Redecorate Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

Redecorate Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

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A low bank balance and an ambitious home decor revamp or renovation project aren’t normally two things that mix together. With a little creative thought, it’s possible to make big changes to your home’s style, without having to save for years or get a loan.   

Rearrange Furniture

One of the simplest ways of making a big difference to the design of any room or living space is by altering its layout. Use a focal point, such as an outdoor view, fireplace or piece of artwork. Then arrange your seating around that focal point. Make sure that you can walk in or out of the room with enough space.

Make Use Of What You’ve Got

Ask yourself: can I upcycle any items that are already in my home? Or change the look and feel of a room with a different layout? Sanding down mismatched wooden furniture and then staining it in the same shade can bring a sense of cohesion to any room.

Using leftover paints from your garage can also create a great feature wall. If you’re stuck for inspiration, look online at sites such as Pinterest.

Channel Your Inner Artistic Flair

A large painting can look the part in any modern home. Unfortunately, the cost of buying a piece from a local art dealer could blow your whole budget in one purchase. That’s why we’d advise the abstract route. Buy some canvas fabric and head outside.

Grab any leftover paints. Flick and splodge at the canvas however you please. Get creative! Abstract has never gone out of style. Hopefully, the final result will be more Picasso than a fiasco. Once you’re finished, try stretching the canvas onto a home-made frame and giving it pride of place in your living room.

Bring The Outside In – Indoor Plants

Redecorate Your Home Without Spending a Fortune  

Source: Pixabay

There aren’t many items that can bring a greater sense of tranquillity to a room than plants. Not to mention they are natural air purifiers. But buying large plants from the garden store will put a big dent in your budget.

An alternative option for your makeover is purchasing some seeds and growing the plants from scratch. Yes, you may have to wait a couple of years before the plants grow to a suitable height, but the process of watching them develop is one you’re likely to enjoy. A medium-term option is to harvest some suitable cuttings from friends or neighbors gardens, which will result in more indoor greenery, faster.

Lookout For Pre-Loved Items

The second-hand economy is booming. More and more are people buying and selling used goods than ever before. Visiting local thrift stores and garage sales on a regular basis is a must if you want to pick up real bargains.

For larger items, you’re much likelier to find success online. A recent report by Gumtree highlighted how 88% of people now sell their items online – four times as many as those that sell in person.

Celebrate The Flexibility of Drop Cloths

Drops cloths are the ultimate all-rounder. They’re readily available at hardware stores, inexpensive and are made from sturdy fabric. Whether you want to make some curtains or a rug, they nearly always come in neutral colors so that you can easily customize them to your own tastes.   

Become A Better Interior Designer

  Redecorate Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

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Applying some of the basic rules of the design world could see you transform how your home looks with relatively little outlay. Perhaps the most famous of these design principles is the rule of three.

Arranging a room’s accessories into groups of three will help to create more visual interest without causing things to look cluttered. 

Let us know your interior decorating hacks!


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