How to buy a second-hand stroller

How to buy a second-hand stroller

I am for purchasing second-hand strollers and I have already bought tens of carriages including exceptionally good ones and those with which I was rather disappointed. My experience allowed me to create this handbook for anyone who is wondering how one can buy a second-hand carriage and is there a point in doing it.

Is buying a second-hand stroller worth it?

Everyone has one’s own preferences. Still, buying a second-hand stroller allows us to minimize the costs of this purchase (when you want to buy a particular model and you have thought about getting a new item) or to buy a more expensive model that you normally couldn’t afford because of any reason.

There is also another pro of buying a second-hand stroller. Since someone buys such carriages, you can also sell yours. I am a supporter of selling second-hand strollers so that they would be useful for other children (that is why I also prefer only the best lightweight stroller). Buying second-hand strollers allow you to sell them in a similar price or in a bit lower price. As a result, you might find that after using your stroller for two years, the price of it now is a bit higher than the price of a meal in a pizzeria.

The next positive side of this practice is the possibility of selling your stroller to other people in case you are not completely satisfied with it. You can do it practically without losing any money. Of course, it might not be so profitable for the first owner of this stroller. Just be aware and do not become addicted to buying carriages! J

Certainly, in case you decide to buy a second-hand stroller, you should be aware of the possibility of having it with some damages. It might have some scratches or stains. Sometimes, the only thing you will need to do is washing it, whereas in other situations you won’t be able to do anything about it. That is why I would like to give you some recommendations on purchasing a stroller in such a way as to avoid any problems.

I recently found a website that deals with stroller reviews: It’s worth taking a look there and checking the opinions before buying.

How to shop for a second-hand stroller  – live experience

If only you have such a possibility, you’d better examine a stroller in real life. You should check not only the condition of fabric but also whether each part of the stroller is acting in the right way. The things you should pay your attention to:

  • Look at the fabric carefully. Usually, strollers have an abrasion in the place where a child puts one’s feet. Thus, it is better to look at the fabric thoroughly. You can also find stains if you look under the inside fabric (in case there is one) or a mattress. Moreover, it is advisable to smell a stroller, although you might find it strange. You might feel a hint of a rotten odor that suggests the stroller stood in the basement. Check, whether a stroller has any stains that might be difficult to wash. Examine the fabric for holes as well. I strongly recommend you to resign from purchasing a stroller with any holes in its fabric as well as with alterations. Holes can be the signs of the old age of the stroller, whereas you may have difficulties with selling a stroller with any alternations.
  • Examine the condition of the wheels. Assuming the wheels are inflated, you should check them for having a wheel thread. Look at the general condition of the wheels, whether they have footprints of abrasion or whether they are too worn-out. Some foam wheels have typical holes made by stones. This is one of the things I wouldn’t consider rather seriously as there are some models getting such holes right after the first strolls (for instance, Maclaren XLR). You will get more information by checking the back wheels, especially inflate wheels. In case they have no thread, you will presumably need to change them in the near future.


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