Do You Have the Time? Why A Stylish Watch Is Still a Fashion Staple

Do You Have the Time? Why A Stylish Watch Is Still a Fashion Staple

While 750 million wrist watches were sold in the US in 1991, only 440 million were sold in 2014.

It’s easy to guess the reason. Our cell phones now allow us to communicate instantly for work or personal business. They also tell us what time it is.

With perfect down-to-the-second accuracy, e-mail, and text service all available to us in one device, is there anything left to be said for a stylish watch?

Oh yes, my friend. Yes, there is. Let’s take a look.

1. You Won’t Become Obsessed With It

If you work and have an active social life, it is imperative to be on time. Yet checking your cell phone can easily lead to an impulse to open that new e-mail, or check your social media notifications. You may even find that you have forgotten about the time altogether.

A quick glance at your phone can often result in the end of a conversation, or cause you to lose your train of thought. When you glance at your watch, you can keep yourself punctual without becoming distracted.

2. Watches Are Functional

Even if you don’t need to check what time it is around the world, watches have practical significance. There are watches designed for racing, diving, navigating, and flying.

Some watch designs, such as the Seiko Prospex, come in different models specifically tailored toward scuba-divers or pilots.

Watches only require a small amount of energy from a battery and do not have to continue getting recharged. You won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to plug in your watch if you check the time too much.

Lately, some Smartwatches allow young people to keep in touch with their parents throughout the day without permitting them to text with everyone they know. Some are water-resistant, and others can help you keep track of your fitness.

3. Watches Provide Instant Style

Men especially may find that a watch is the only accessory that is socially comfortable. They can wear it every day, or switch out straps when moving from business to pleasure, or when switching between different outfits.

4. Watches Are Works of Art

Crystal quartz, paintings on watch faces, and hand-wound springs are just a few of the intricacies that make watches unique. They let the world know that you care about more than just the time. You are sophisticated, put-together, and attentive to details.

5. You Can Pass a Watch Down

Watches can be a treasure that you pass on to the next generation. While women often leave pendants, rings, and earrings to their children and grandchildren, men are often limited to their financial legacy. With a watch, you can pass along a part of yourself that will help others remember your grace and style.

The Stylish Watch

A stylish watch provides elegance, craftsmanship, and a classic appeal that is always in fashion. Be on time without getting distracted by investing in a timeless heirloom that will be a part of your family for generations to come.

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