4 Cleaning Hacks for Cleaning a Pellet Grill

4 Cleaning Hacks for Cleaning a Pellet Grill

As the name suggests, a pellet grill is a grill which operates by using pellets. The pellets are made from compressed pieces of sawdust which are fed into the machine and burned to maintain the temperature of the grill. The pellet grill works using mains electricity and is favored due to its ease of use. The temperature is monitored digitally, saving you time and effort and as a result, it allows for much more uniform cooking. People who use a pellet grill enjoy the resulting smoky flavor of the food. Your grill has to be maintained so as to optimize the performance and regular cleaning is essential to keep a healthy cooking surface. Consider the following ‘hacks’ to help you take care of the pellet grill.

  • No matter how careful or clean we are, the grill plates do take a pounding! They become very greasy and bits of food stick to them and unless they are kept clean, it can compromise the taste and quality of our cooking. Taking the plates off and washing and scrubbing is not usually enough to remove a lot of the ingrained and overcooked food. Instead of pop the grill plates into your regular oven (if they fit) or alternatively just leave them where they are, turn up the heat and cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Let the plates cool, make sure that you do not remove them or attempt to touch them until they have cooled down. At that point, use a firm bristled brush and brush off any loose particles that are on the plates, much of the debris will now have turned to ash and will have burned away. The grill plates can now be washed using a dishwasher liquid. This should have your grill plates looking as good as new!
  • When pellets burn, they produce ash. You will more than likely find that your hottest pellet grill has an ash collection tray or container. Monitor the container and empty and dust it down as it fills.
  • You could use tin foil on your drip trays surface and then all you would do is remove the tin foil rather than clean the tray. You can also purchase drip tray liners which are made from a material that you can remove, wipe and reuse. Drip trays are notoriously difficult to clean so it makes sense to avoid the task if you can!
  • You can make use of a vacuum cleaner to clean the fire pot. Ash will accumulate very quickly and regular vacuuming of the area will keep the ash at bay and prevent it from reaching other structures. Once the ash has been removed, you can consider using baking soda mixed with water in a spray bottle to use as a cleanser. Baking soda absorbs odors and so will keep the area fresh and clean.

Regular cleaning will prolong the life of your pellet grill and it will keep your food tasting great. Remember too that regular servicing and maintenance will also be required.


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