How To Make Your House Stylish While Being Suitable For The Disabled

How To Make Your House Stylish While Being Suitable For The Disabled

If you or one of your family are disabled then it’s entirely possible you will be thinking about making adaptations to your home to make it more accessible and this may be causing concerns that the house will start looking unsightly and more like a hospital than a home, but don’t despair you can easily make adaptations in a way that look more homely. If it’s an elderly resident moving in you can always even have a separate section of the house for them alone.

Front Of The House

Front of the house is one area that very often needs work done on it, especially if you are dealing with mobility issues then you will be looking at an access ramp most probably. Don’t worry this doesn’t have to be some sort of steel monstrosity as there are so many tasteful ways of designing these features today.

Garden Design

Everyone loves the garden, especially in the warmer months, but it’s easy to overlook some of the practical aspects of setting up a garden when one of you has disability issues or is elderly. It’s good to consider the layout and materials used in all the pathways and access in getting around the garden and try and eliminate the need for steep slopes or stairs. You’ll also need to be mindful that the garden needs to be able to be maintained by the disabled member of the family and if you make sure planters and growing areas are accessible then disability is no barrier to being involved in gardening.

Living Room

It’s important that the living room is comfortable and useable for the disabled member of the family, so if you look at sofa choice, for example, you will be looking for a couch that is durable and strong, but comfortable as they may spend more time than average on it. Points could be that something that is stain resistant, the right height and not too difficult to get in and out of.


It’s important to have a comfortable sleeping area and the bedroom should not be overlooked in creating the perfect house for a disabled person. Ensure the bed is sturdy and you have the correct mattress, I find a memory foam mattress to be the best type as it works for the individual, we ordered this great mattress in a box which was easy to get into the room and set up.

The Bathroom

Comfort in the bathroom is a must and if you can create a room with a walk-in shower, for example, you can decorate this in any way around those features, giving a great looking and practical bathroom.


The kitchen need not be drastically different in design to how you would otherwise have it. What you really need to be sure of here is to talk to the designer and the installers to ensure that once the design and style are sorted you make sure they know the practical nature of what you need, such as the heights of the worktops.


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