A vintage twist: 8 tips on how to add vintage furniture to the modern home

A vintage twist: 8 tips on how to add vintage furniture to the modern home

There are many reasons why you may want to opt for vintage and antique furniture in your home rather than head to your nearest furniture shop and by the latest item off the production line. It’s important to state that there is nothing wrong with buying modern mass-market furniture. After all, homes up and down the country look perfectly good with chairs, tables, sofas, and sideboards that can be bought quickly and conveniently.

Yet there are those of us who want something a little different from our shopping experience; and those of us who wish to make our homes look and feel that little bit different from the norm. That’s where buying vintage comes in. From the thrill of the chase and spotting that perfect piece for a living room or hallway; to building a room’s theme around your pride and joy, there’s something that bit more special about going vintage from time to time.

Some of the best things in life improve over time – think wine or cheese – and vintage furniture is no different. By re-homing an item of furniture with a history behind it you are helping to generate an environment with a story to tell; and a character of its own.

Shopping vintage is more of an adventure than you’re standard shopping trip as you never know what you may find, or what stories may behind that particular item these pieces are the perfect way to add depth and inject personality into your home. And let’s not forget the warm and fuzzy feeling vintage buyers get from being a friend of the environment. Buying a vintage piece is akin to recycling in many ways, preventing goods from ending up in a landfill and reducing our reliance on new manufacturing – which uses energy and contributes towards emissions.

If you like the sound of going vintage in your home but don’t know where to start, here’s our guide on how to incorporate vintage furniture into a modern home:

Make it the focal point

Why not make your vintage piece the focal point of your room? In a world where stand out design pieces can cost you big money – be different. A couple of standout vintage pieces can really make your space pop. When you do find that perfect antique that fits the bill make it the focal point of the room, being the first thing a person’s eye is drawn to when they enter the room. Placing a stunning vintage piece into this role will help set the tone for the rest of your home and will show off your personality as soon as your guests enter. Your home should reflect who you are, the perfect place to showcase what’s important to you and the styles you love.

Mix ’n’ Match

There’s nothing wrong with mix and matching when it comes to home design. Picking out some vintage pieces and blending them with your newer furniture will truly set your space apart from the rest. Remember there are no rules when decorating your own home – it’s your space! Just be conscious that less can sometimes be more. Rather than overcrowding a space with bundles of old and new pieces, try to let each quality item speak for itself.

The most common mix and match are pairing vintage tables with modern chairs in a home. Many people love adding a stunning vintage table as a statement piece in a dining area – perhaps a piece that has been inherited or bought at a vintage store. Adding modern chairs to a vintage table will give your home a look that mixes old with new, also commonly done with vintage desks and a more modern chair that’s built for comfort. The key thing to remember is that not everything has to match as long as it looks good together, this is your perfect chance to get creative in your home and create a space you love to live in.

Don’t forget the outside

Often when designing a home the outside is left till last. But it is worth remembering that first impressions are often made at the door, so neglecting your curb appeal can be a mistake. Going vintage at the exterior of your home is a great way to show your style in a bold way. Adding a heavy marine bell instead of a digital doorbell could be a start. Or perhaps you may wish to be a little more subtle and simply bring in vintage pot plants around the doorway. Another trend that is making a comeback is vintage outdoor furniture – particularly wicker, whether it be as an outdoor sofa, pod or armchair.

Repurpose for style

There’s never anything wrong with repurposing a piece of furniture. There are no rules in what goes where for example, using a small table for a nightstand or an old trunk for a coffee table works just fine. Unique furniture in unexpected places gives your home its own personality and distinct style.

Look for individual pieces that go together

Whole sets of vintage furniture can be expensive or overwhelm a space with too much vintage, you want to find the right balance for your home. When adding traditional pieces within a modern surrounding the key is to make it seem intentional rather than by accident. This can be achieved by incorporating a pair to your vintage item within the same room. Buying individual pieces that would work well together at one time not only saves money but can be a lifesaver when it comes to putting them in your home. You don’t want pieces to look out of place or that they’ve just been thrown in, adding vintage together can create that perfect mixed look.


Lighting often isn’t the first thing that people think of when contemplating buying vintage furniture. Whether it’s a statement piece like a stunning chandelier you’re after or simply using vintage light bulbs throughout your home to make it something different. A trend that we’ve seen is commonly used in the home design is exposed to sockets. It’s a direction that allows you to have more fun with the light bulb itself. The vintage look on this has an amber finish and looks good in any space when it’s on and off. When on, these bulbs give off a stunning warm glow that when dimmed created a comfortable ambiance for your home. Pairing this style of lighting with industrial style and mid-century interiors give it that extra something for your bedroom, office or any space you choose to add this feature, often used as pendants over a kitchen island or dining room. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the design of the light bulb, and use it to blend classic and modern within your space.


Whether it be trinkets, a record player or accessories finding little pieces you love in the vintage style isn’t the easiest but is completely worth it in the end. It’s important not to add junk just because you like the look of it – you want to add something sensible like vases for flowers, picture frames for memories. Music boxes, vinyl players etc. also give a vintage feel in terms of decorations, and really spice up the environment. Vintage storage such as jars and vases are a popular item sold in stores that add something different to your pieces rather than plain storage.

Enjoy shopping!

There’s no question that buying vintage statement pieces requires more effort on your part than just buying from a department store, but it can also be an enjoyable experience. By the time you’ve reached the end of your search, not only have you found the perfect piece to suit your home but you’ve also found out the story behind the buy. Exploring your local vintage store can have its huge perks in seeing what it has to offer and discovering the story, but with the rise of online shopping, it’s becoming easier to shop vintage and research the type of furniture from the comfort of your own home. Take a look at some of the stunning unique pieces Vinterior has to offer today!


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