Most Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most Common Teeth Whitening Mistakes You Should Avoid

Things your teeth would beg you to stop doing if they could speak

Are your teeth frowning at you?

If our teeth could buzz each time we approach a horrendous remedy to make our teeth pearly white it would probably end up buzzing almost every now and then, buzzing with a red alert.  In the quest of getting perfect pearly white teeth, we often end up damaging them instead. 9 such ‘No no’s!!!’ are discussed below:

1.      Stop being too rough with bleaching your teeth

While bleaching has proven to be an effective whitener, however excessive use of bleach can affect your teeth. As the substance itself is a plethora of chemicals it damages the teeth’s enamel causing it to become weak and sensitive. It is highly recommended that one must consult a dentist before using bleach as a whitening solution.

2.      Avoid using cheap whitening kits

Who does not want a budget-friendly teeth whitening kit to turn their smile extra bright? Unfortunately, sometimes these budget-friendly kits can cause us to lose more cash so the deal does not sound good. What happens is, these kits use cheap but extensively high chemical density containing Chlorine-dioxide, which is generally used to clean swimming pools. Does that sound very beneficial for a pearly white teeth aspirer?

3.      Natural remedies can be harmful too!!!

If the idea of expensive teeth whitening dental care or budget-friendly whitening kits sound chanceful, a red alert comes with few of the natural remedies too. Over the years, the use of salt, lemon, charcoal has been traced without any definite assurance could be found of their workability. People with sensitivity often experience discomfort after applying lemon juice to their teeth while many have reported reactions to charcoal use.

4.      Go for a customized dental tray, not a Dentist’s tailor-made

Like each person is different each set of teeth is different from one another. Regrettably, we overlook the causalities of going for using one sized tray that come with the dental kits. These one sized trays often tend to misfit and result in spilt or swollen gums. Though an additional expense but a customized tray benefits the user in the long run and brings them their aspired pearly white teeth.

5.      A saloon is not the place to get your teeth whitened

It cannot be denied that salons are the perfect place to get your nails perfectly manicured and pedicured, however they are not in the ‘advice list’ for the ones who are looking to get their teeth whitened. These salons often use disinfect or sterilized teeth whitening tools which might result in vice versa. Also, isn’t it sort of absurd to visit a salon for teeth whitening would we ever visit a dental clinic for a facial?

6.      Put your hands off cheap whitening strips

The amazing offer of the 5 bucks for whitening strips you just spent might be a con. Not only does it harm your teeth also it’s a wasted 5 dollars and that’s a guarantee. These strips are coated with chemicals that cause your gums to burn; furthermore, worsen tooth sensitivity. These strips add more to the damage by not covering the entire set of teeth resulting in more discomfort while consuming anything frozen.

7.      Clean your teeth before whitening it

It sounds obvious, but sometimes we forget to clean our teeth before whitening them, or else kind of don’t care to clean them at all because we think it won’t make much of a difference. Surprisingly it does! Due to consuming food particles of debris, plaque, and our teeth’s constant buddies- bacteria’s can ruin the entire procure of an expensive teeth whitening. It is mandatory that the teeth are brushed well and flossed before any procedure takes place.

8.      To bleach or not to bleach?

Yes, bleaching does ensure pearly white teeth, but are those strong enough for undergoing any bleaching procedure? A lot of people are not aware of the fact that if they have porcelain crowns or veneers in their teeth they are not considered eligible for bleaching as it causes severe damage to the teeth. Applying bleach to crowned or veneered teeth can reduce the surface glaze on your teeth while staining them.

9.      Stop buying the online whitening products, please!!!

While online products often come with discounts, but the possibility of purchasing a product which is either ineffective or even worse, damaging to the teeth has enormous possibility too. Dentists recommend products that are certified and as well as effective. If some extra cash can bring us pearly white teeth, and as a bonus causing no side effect, then why not?

After such genuine suggestions, it is expected from each of you to be wise with their choices for teeth whitening, because hey! those pearly whites will turn your smile extra attractive.


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