The Benefits of Thrifted Furniture

The Benefits of Thrifted Furniture

As more retro trends resurface, thrifting is becoming increasingly more popular. If you’re looking for a pair of mom jeans, why spend the cash on new jeans from a trendy retailer trying to re-create the magic? It’s a lot more cost-effective (and authentic) to thrift a classic item.

The thing is, people often connote thrifting with clothing. In reality, you can thrift just about anything—including furniture!

The beautiful thing about thrifting is that you can make gold out of someone else’s trash, while also having the opportunity to get rid of some of your own unwanted things. It’s a win-win situation!

There are plenty of different services that can help you to donate your unwanted items; click here for more information about where you can donate, and what donation centers you can hit up to find some hidden gems.

There are countless benefits to donating your old furniture, and an equal amount of benefits to thrifting people’s donated furniture! It’s a beautiful cycle that just keeps giving. These are the main benefits of thrifting furniture:

It’s Cost Effective

Buying brand new furniture from a swanky retailer may make you feel posh, but it also tends to empty out your pockets. According to The Guardian, when you buy used you are spending 50-75% of the price tag of a brand new item.

When you hit up a thrift store for furniture, oftentimes you will find a very lightly used piece for a small fraction of the price that you would spend to get it new.

Environmentally Friendly

When you repurpose a piece of furniture, you are saving it from a landfill. People are so quick to throw out gently used things that can more often than not find a home somewhere else.

Every item made creates waste, which impacts the environment. When you buy something already made, that’s one less new item that needs to be replaced and mass-produced.

The Benefits of Thrifted Furniture

Time to Get Creative

When you purchase such a low-cost item, there is little keeping you back from taking some paint or tools to it and recreating it all together. There is a sense of freedom and creativity that comes with turning an old item into something new.

You can always reupholster an old sofa with trendy materials or take some upscale paint and laminate to restore an old item and re-design it yourself.

It’s Unique

When you thrift shop, a piece of furniture, you can be sure that you will be the only person to have that item. There is something to be said about having a unique item that no one else has.

In a time when most items are mass produced, it’s incredibly special to have something that’s one-of-a-kind. Plus, the majority of the time the antique gems you find when thrift shopping are priceless and boast detailing that you just don’t find anymore.

The Benefits of Thrifted Furniture

The History

You can’t put a price tag on a unique item that has lived years longer than you. Purchasing it for a small price and spending those extra dollars to restore it is fulfilling and will allow you to keep a little piece of history in your home whether it be a vintage chair or vintage armoire.

There are countless advantages to thrift shopping your furniture, it’s a win-win situation – it saves you money, helps the environment, and provides you with something special that no one else will ever be able to exactly emulate.


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