4 Unique Gift Baskets You Can Now Order

4 Unique Gift Baskets You Can Now Order

Whether it’s a special occasion or not, having a gift basket delivered can be a wonderful way to make someone feel appreciated. The tricky part is to make sure that your gift feels unique for that person. Every gift that demonstrates that some thought went into the process always means more. Luckily, some gift basket companies have been responding to this need by offering more unique items in their baskets as well as a woven basket.

Those who appreciate gifts that offer more than the usual fare will appreciate that they can now get amazing gift baskets delivered that allow you to surprise someone with more exceptional items. The key to giving a unique gift basket is to match the right kind of delicacies with the right person. Whether your decisions are based on a personality type or a special occasion, the latest availabilities in gift baskets can make this process easier than ever.

1. Beer Baskets

That’s right, some gift basket companies are now offering gift basket deliveries that include your favourite kinds of beer! While these options may have been invented to provide an alternative that is more focused on men, they can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates relaxing with a pint or two.

Beer baskets usually also include a selection of snacks that pair well with beer, such as chips, nachos or beer nuts. Beyond the usual special occasions, a beer gift basket makes an excellent gift to send to someone throwing a party or having a gathering for a big sports event. 

2. Baby Baskets

You might not be aware that there are gift baskets designed to send to expecting parents. This is an excellent solution for anyone who has been invited to a baby shower in a distant location and cannot attend. Baby baskets are usually filled with plenty of supplies for a newborn, such as diapers, bibs, and blankies – but can also include toys, stuffed animals, books or even clothing. If circumstances prevent you from visiting a newborn, the parents will be grateful that you sent them a thoughtful gift instead. 

3. Health Food Baskets

Since gift baskets are traditionally filled with at least a few guilty pleasures, it’s wonderful to now have the option to order one that only includes healthfoods that are great for you and taste great as well. These aren’t filled with mere fruits and vegetables – there are plenty of snack foods available now that contain lower sugar or alternatives and are free of artificial ingredients. Alternatively, gluten-free gift baskets are also now an option.

4. Wine and Champagne Baskets

Wine and champagne gift baskets make a wonderful surprise for anyone – especially couples – and they make an excellent choice for almost any occasion, such as celebrating the purchase of new house, graduation, an anniversary, a promotion, or even just to celebrate a friendship.

One of the best things about a gift basket is that it can be curated to contain any kind of small item and to suit any kind of occasion at all. As people order custom gift baskets, they often provide amazing suggestions to the companies that bring those ideas into reality. Try ordering one for someone special in your life today and maybe your idea will also catch on!


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