When to Consider Installing Split System Air Conditioning

When to Consider Installing Split System Air Conditioning

You want a new air conditioning system. Or perhaps you’re merely considering the idea. Whatever the case, there comes a time when your air conditioning unit simply isn’t holding up. Whenever that time arises, consider switching to a split system air conditioning unit for these reasons.

1: When You Want to Save Money

Switching to a split system unit for your air conditioning needs offers you an ideal way to cut down on your energy bills. Due to heat exchange in the duct systems, centralized air conditioning leads to wasted energy and inefficient heating and cooling.

Split systems do not use duct systems like centralized systems, so they do not lose as much efficiency while they operate.

2: When You Have a “Hot Room”

Do you ever have any trouble generating enough air conditioning for certain “hot rooms?” A lot of the time, you likely crank down the thermostat to get those “hot rooms” cold enough for your liking: this wastes energy and also wastes your money.

Split systems are better able to provide air flow to those stubborn “hot rooms” and can save you a lot of energy, money, and headache.

3: When You Want Easy Installation

Because split system air conditioning contains no ductwork, it’s very easy to install. Not only does this allow you to have access to your air conditioning much quicker, but it also means the cost of labor will be reduced because it will take less time to install.

Without needing any duct systems, you’re able to install the indoor unit up to 100 feet away from the outdoor unit. Even at this far of a distance, the indoor unit is easy to connect to the outdoor unit. All that needs to be done is some simple drilling to run wires through your home’s walls. Any professional installer should be able to do the job easily.

4: When You Don’t Need to Cool Your Whole Home

Split system air conditioning units are installed into individual rooms, so they’re especially ideal for any homes that do not require the whole house to be cooled.

There might be certain rooms in your home that never get warm, so there’s no point in expending the energy to cool them.

Or perhaps you only really need your home to be cooled in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Whatever the case, the split systems offer ideal and convenient solutions to these problems. They can be individually installed in each room to keep the rooms cool without requiring large amounts of energy that are used to cool the whole house.

5: When You Want Climate Control

Another time for you to consider making the switch to split system units is when you want specific rooms always to feel cool when you enter them.

For example, you get in bed, and you’re ready for sleep. You toss and turn in the sheets, only to realize you can’t sleep because it’s just too warm in the room. You sigh.

Alternate example: you get in bed, and you’re ready for sleep. You don’t toss or turn. Your room is the perfect temperature because you utilized the climate control feature on your new split system air conditioning unit.


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