Think inside the box: box beam ceilings on a budget

Think inside the box: box beam ceilings on a budget

Today, almost all urban homes look similar. The windows are much smaller than they used to be in the 19th-century homes and the ceilings are lower than the homes of the last century. Most buildings are merely functional, and they lack the personality that could make one house stand apart from the crowd. Even stepping inside a home does not help, since the floor planning and indoor décor are all results of considerable influences of modern home design. The owners derive inspiration from the 21st-century design and décor magazines that transform every home into a perfect advertisement of Ikea.

How does a box beam ceiling elevate the aesthetics of a home?

One detail that holds power to transform all modern homes entirely is a box beam ceiling. If your home has large patio doors and kitchen windows, you can begin thinking about adding box beams to your ceiling. It bears an incredible advantage for all homeowners looking forward to upgrading their home appliances and electronics. The box beams provide the users with the perfect hiding spot for the ugly wiring, pipes, and bases of lighting fixtures. If you are a huge fan of mood lights with hidden light sources, box beam ceilings are definitely for you. However, if you are choosing box beams, try to install them for the entire house. Do not exclude the patio from your renovation plans.

If your home has high ceilings, installing box beams will not be a challenge. They can add a sense of expanse with the subtle hint of a reflection of the beams from the floor. Couple the box beams with hardwood flooring for attaining the complete look luxurious retreat. Depending on the style of beams you pick, your home can become a rustic repose or a formal abode. The faux box beams are not only affordable, but they are also highly customizable and light. You simply need the help of an experienced craftsman to size them correctly and then install them evenly.

What are decorative box beams and solid beams?

Most homeowners going with box beams want them to look like solid beams. That means you need an expert team of artisans, who can make the seams invisible. For that, it is imperative for them to stick to the specified dimensions. The color and grain of each beam should match precisely. We have seen customers choose multiple types of wood from the same species to cut costs and end up with a variety of grains that compromise the finished look of the ceiling. While choosing the material and finish of the box beam, always ensure that your team has enough material to work with. If you are going with a rare wood, double check your budget and requirement before beginning the construction. Check if your timberwork company offers customized services for milling and sanding the box beams before delivery and installation.

Solid beams are the ones that can bear the load. These are for buildings that require reinforcement. Most homeowners and architects go with solid beams that can carry the weight robustly. Therefore, solid beams come in various sizes. Some of these lengths are ready-to-install, while most homes require customizable solid beams for the difficult curvatures. The inventories of reclaimed wood keep changing over time, and most expert woodworkers put in requests for box beams with Big Timberworks Box Beams with enough time in hand for obtaining the precise dimension. Restoring old wood requires considerable effort and time. Those are the two primary reasons most box beams from solid reclaimed wood tend to be expensive and rare.

What are the benefits of choosing reclaimed box beams?

A significant benefit of working with reclaimed wood is the presence of cracks and patina that give the wood a mature finish. The installer has to take minimal effort to add the finishing touches to the beams. Hollow box beams from salvaged wood can be cheaper than newly sawed beams if you go with the more common wood species that are readily available. If you are looking for box beams that the experts have carved out from solid beams, the prices are going to be steep. Since the wood is almost ready-to-use in terms of color and character, reclaimed wood is widely popular among home designers and woodworkers looking for quality.

Another advantage of using reclaimed wood for making box beams is that you can install them indoors as well as outdoors. The recovered wood comes from a variety of sources including old barns, ships, industrial plants, and old homes. Some of them have moisture saturation levels higher than the others. Most of them are weathered and quite resistant to the elements. Reputed timberworks companies use weatherproof glues that can hold the box beams together irrespective of heat, snow or rain. That makes the hollow beams quite ideal for your living room, bedroom, as well as patio and sunroom. Sometimes, adding a coat of preservative helps to keep the beams safe and sound for decades to come.

What makes box beams from salvaged wood popular?

Today, you can pick the number of sides you want your box beams to have. We live in an age of customization and personalization. Therefore, you should be able to specify the dimension of each beam individually to your timberwork team online or in person. At the same time, you should be able to specify how many sides you need for each box beam. Professionals should be able to help you find out which types of beams are going to be the best for your home depending on the details you give them.

Beams are no longer only necessary for structural support. Even when your home or ceiling does not require structural support, you can choose to accent your ceilings by using box beams from different types of reclaimed wood. Some types of salvaged wood are pocket-friendly, while others range from expensive to exotic. Before you begin planning your home renovation, speak with a timber expert to get a realistic idea about your budget. 


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